Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Birthday Care Packages!!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who supported us at/for Rachel's Race this year because the profit we made that day is what funded these *beautiful* gift boxes.  It was such a blessing to be able to just order what I thought should be in them without having to fund raise in order to purchase things.

When I started making these, I was originally going to make 5.  One from each of the kids not including Rachel.  After ordering and returning boxes I didn't like and searching high and low for a good deal like I got last year, I decided to just order ones I liked.  I found them buy one get one half off and so it only made sense to get 6 - which also made sense since we have 6 kids.  

Somewhere along the line because I've been so preoccupied with my health, the other kids bdays, this baby shower, and my Papa dying, I forgot to order more of the first few things I ordered only 5 of.  And I didn't realize it until tonight as I was putting them together very last minute.  Of course they are my favorite pieces... ugh.  We decided I could just order the other items and have the hospital add them to that box later, but as I got the other things put in the boxes, I constantly was coming up short.... one card short... then one envelope short... then short ribbon for just one candle... and it went on and on.  

I finally said to Matt "Maybe I'm not supposed to do six?"  

He replied "Or maybe you're just supposed to keep at it even though it's hard."

I told him that it's kind of hard to include the 6th box when it's not completely here...

Just like my girl... but that doesn't stop me with her.... so the hospital is getting 5 boxes complete and the 6th will be completed later.... Just like my family.... Seems fitting to me. *sigh*

Here we go.....

These memory boxes include:
Memory box with photo holder on top (I wrote "Holding you close in our hearts" for now)
A journal with scripture on each page
Baby brag book that holds 24 photos
Yankee Candle "Summer Wish" (with dandelion on it)
2 little Beanie Babies (one to keep, one to bury)
Cute tissue holder - Always good to cry in style.
Tiny Keepsake and Lock of Hair bags
Mini photo frame
Blank note cards (to avoid the $$ prices in the gift shop if they want to leave a thank you for nurses)
Dandelion seed necklace.
Restoring Aching Arms greeting card I made for 'leaving the hospital without your baby'
Letter stamps to personalize things
Diaper cover and hat set that also has an additional little matching heart they can keep or bury
Stampin' Up stamp pad & Mary Kay cleansing wipe for prints
Special hand print and foot print cards
A book on heaven by Randy Alcorn for adults
A book on heaven by Little Blessings written for children
Forget-me-not flower seeds
A note card telling them Rachel's name
An except from my post titled "Dancing with my little seed"
A whole lot of love and prayer for these families and what they will endure.
A piece of my heart
I LOVE these boxes... they have a top compartment that lifts and two drawers
I think this will help fit more in and be able to organize it better.  I want to get
Rachel a pink one for Christmas!!  LOVE them!!!
The top drawer.  

We did six this year, one from each of our children.
one of the recipients of last years' boxes sent me this pic of her
son's footprint on the paper I put in the box

diaper cover and hat set
Take a look at this book for kids about heaven... HERE  It totally ministers to my own heart every time I read it so whether they have other kids or not, this book is a must read!

And HERE is the book I put in for adults - it's Randy Alcorn's "Heaven - Biblical answers to common questions"  And page 43 is one of my most wondered questions and I love the answer!  It had been 3 years of wondering before I found this book and I love that it's the TRUTH and not just a warm fuzzy feeling.  If you know what I mean....

So, that's what I've been up to tonight....

oh, and for those of you not on Facebook... last year we ate at Friendly's after we delivered the boxes to Maine Med and we were wearing our Team Rachel shirts and a lady behind us with a 3 year old girl asked about them.  She ended up paying for our meal on her way out!!  So this year we wanted to go back there again, but we didn't have the money.  Des said the other day "Maybe someone will pay for us again."  So I actually started praying about that for the last few days that God would make a way for us to eat out after we go to the hospital.  I thought about asking a few people for help, but didn't.  Tonight my friend Donna showed up with a cake for Rachel - and she had just stopped to visit her grave which meant SO much to me - and she gave us $50 to Friendly's!!  THEN as if that wasn't enough of an answered prayer, Matt came home and he had won a $25 gift card to Friendly's by getting a good customer response card!  So now the kids are so excited because they won't have to skimp on their food and 'can order whatever they want on the menu' :)

I'm feeling emotional as December 2nd closes out... but I feel okay.  I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but what I do know for sure is that if I let Him, God will show me exactly what He wants me to know about December 3, 2014.

I still miss her every single day.  I can't believe it's been 4 YEARS.  I wish she was here running around our house.  I grieve the 4 year old I am missing way more than I miss the baby I held.  I just want to know her....  someday I will.  Until then, I put one foot in front of the other and love her in the ways I can as I trust God with my heart and try to follow him wherever that may lead.

And as the clock turns midnight.... Happy Birthday Rachel Alice Aube...  Mama loves you and I'm so thankful I get to call you mine.  Lord, please hug her especially tight for me today....


  1. Happy birthday Rachel! Thank you so incredibly much for everything you and your momma have taught me! You are so beautiful and you have made such a difference! Thank you so much! Dance with joy!

  2. Happy 4th Birthday Rachel!
    You have an amazing mommy and family here on earth.
    I have learned so much about God, God's love and faithfulness because of your life.
    And since you lucky girl are getting hugs from Jesus today I am sending my hugs and prayers to your family here.
    Thank you.
    Love Lucka

  3. Happy 4th Birthday Rachel Alice! Stacy, the boxes are absolutely beautiful!


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