Monday, July 15, 2013

"I Pee on Potty"

Yesterday after realizing that Asa seemed to know when he had to pee, we introduced him to the potty.

Today, he put the trainer seat on the toilet and started pulling off his diaper.  I said "Oh, you want to go potty?"  He said "yes" and I helped him up. (he's also talking like crazy!)

Like a good Mama, I ran to grab the camera.... and when I returned, he was peeing!! 

Now, normally I would be really excited about this.  However, I have learned that potty training is nothing to be excited about - it's such a pain!!  And honestly, my first thought was "Is he serious, I'm about to have a baby!  I don't need to be potty training too!"

But he is so stinkin' cute, I had to call up Daddy and Nana and let him (and me) brag about it.  Now I just pray that if he is serious, he will just be one of those easy trainers who doesn't pee all over things in the process cause I have no energy for cleaning up puddles right now!  I can't believe how big he's getting..... where does time go? (sniff, sniff) 

Another milestone I wish I could have watched Rachel smile over....

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