Monday, July 29, 2013

Ezra's Birthday

In the weeks before Ezra's arrival, I had so many details weighing on my heart.  Some of them I shared, some I did not. 

I cannot even list all the ways in which God answered prayers for Ezra's birth.  The most obvious is that I had been specifically praying for (and asking for prayer for) a Friday delivery and a Sunday discharge on my birthday and even though it was 9 days early, that is what God gave us.

I also woke up at 3am with contractions and the very first one I felt, I 'just knew' I was in real labor and that is what I had asked my church to pray for.  I got up, took a shower, let Matt sleep a while longer and didn't have to bother a sitter until around 6am.  The kids were still in bed and a friend came to sit with them and they were well taken care of at home while we were gone. Matt was able to spend a lot of the time with them and bring them to visit me and Ezra since it was the weekend, which was easier on them....  Being in labor before work hours meant Matt just called in and I didn't have to track him down or ride with someone else to the hospital.

The drive to Maine was fast, we made record time (an hour) without speeding!  Another huge prayer request.  I was having pretty good contractions by this point, and was positive it wasn't a false alarm, but knew the baby wasn't coming on the side if the road :)

I was 5cm when I got here so there was no debate of whether they would keep me.  When they checked me and said 5cm, I started crying and pulled out my phone to read them the facebook conversation I had with my friend Michelle two days before that went like this....

Me: I feel okay about it all right now.... once again, being forced to trust God in details. I'm still praying baby will decide on his own that he wants to join us for Mama's bday It would be so much nicer to go into labor on my own anyway.... maybe Friday I'll wake up in real labor and make the drive to hear 5cm that would be nice, let's pray for that!
Michelle:  Will do! 5 cm on arrival (without stress getting out the door) and Sunday discharge for Momma's birthday! Nothing is too big to ask, but I was reminded today to not be surprised when God answers "yes"
Me: haha, that's what I was thinking as I read your specifications My mind went uh oh, this might really happen! But yes, that would be great.... Sam's birth was like that and I so miss the simpler days. I woke up, I knew I was in labor, I did the dishes and Matt dropped the kids off and then came and got me and I was 4cm when I got there - on a Friday with a Sunday discharge.... my last 'normal' birth experience... I know Rachel's birth was worth it, but some days I grieve that it will never be simple again. 
So when I heard I was 5cm, which I wasn't expecting, I immediately remembered this and knew He was answering...when God is THAT clear, it's always an amazing, faith building thing.  Did I mention with Sam I woke up at 3am too??  :)

I even was able to have my nurse Kim and Dr, Hunt who delivered Rachel, deliver Ezra because it 'just happened' to work out that it was their day on.  I delivered him at 2pm, and Kim was scheduled until 3pm. I got there at the start of her shift and then we were all finished up by when she had to leave!   Another prayer answered. 

We did get a chance again this time to stop in Rachel's room while I was walking the halls. It's the first time since her birthday I've been there on a Friday though, so it was special.  His delivery went so good.  After a pretty easy first half of labor, I went from 7 to 10 cm in about an hour and pushed for 10 minutes, delivering my 2nd successful VBAC and precious rainbow baby, surrounded by people who knew his big sister and understood what this meant for my heart. 

With Rachel and Asa I didn't get to hold them right away.  Rachel because of the C-section and Asa because he had meconium and had to have his belly suctioned.  But I got to hold him!!!  Right away!  And it was such an amazing, overwhelming feeling.  I held him while I cut his cord and he immediately started nursing.  The bond between a mother and her child....  it leaves me speechless.

Ezra Truesdale Aube
Born July 26, 2013 at 2pm
8lbs 14oz (4.03 kg!) and 21.5 inches long!

At the end of the day we couldn't come up with one thing that could have gone better.  God has truly blessed us in so many ways, answering even unspoken prayers and desires of my heart. 

I came home on Sunday to a clean house, excited big brothers and sister, and a birthday/welcome home party for me & my little man. 

We got pizza and ate "brownie cake" and watched America's Funniest Home Videos together.  Then I took a short nap to try to prepare myself for what turned out to be a night of absolutely NO sleep with one of the 6 cutest kids on the planet. 

Today's the day!
Ice chips and 6cm!  Seriously blessed with low pain this labor!!
We had a lot of laughs....this is Kim after a comical struggle to get my sports bra off with an
IV on just before delivery.  It ended up on her!
I got to hold him!!!!  SO thankful to God for this gift.
The kids came to meet him
And all fell in love at first sight
Precious time
Getting ready to leave

Daddy came to get us
And we got to bring our baby home.....Thank You Jesus
We were welcomed with balloons and a huge sign that said :Happy Birthday Mama and welcome home Ezra!"

And some extra love for Rachel....
And then we ate pizza and watched TV and had our first family devotions with Ezra outside my belly...
And all that just scratches the surface of all the details that God showed Himself in over this weekend.  I am so blessed.


  1. Awesome. Just awesome. God is good.I'm so happy for you all. Ezra is precious! God bless you in the new adventure!:)

  2. Congratulations, he's handsome. and how big he is...
    God bless him.

  3. Beautiful! You are ALL beautiful! Please gently press your nose up against his little head, inhale his baby scent and kiss him for me! <3

  4. Awwww, I'm so in love with you guys! This post is so heart-warming. It brought me to tears...
    Love to you all and God bless! anja


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