News Articles

We have been blessed to be surprised with a couple of articles about Rachel.  The writer used comments from my blog, so some of these were unexpected...and very much appreciated.  I am still blown away by how many people know about Rachel and how many lives she has touched.  I'm very grateful that the people at the newspaper saw her life as important and have writen of her and our great God so many times.  Who would have ever imagined....miss you my sweet girl....

October 28, 2010
"Waiting in heaven"

On December 8, 2010
"We'll see you someday, Pretty girl"

This was a short one to announce the benefit concert that my family put on:
"Tears in Heaven" Benefit Concert

Still Touching Hearts... Printed on her 3 month birthday
Rachel's Ark

Another playground article...Printed on the 20th Friday without her
Rachel's Ark - 2

"40 days, 40 nights, and 43 minutes, and Rochester girl will never be forgotten"
Printed on the 6th month anniversary of when I had to leave the hospital without her.
Rachel's Ark is Complete!

Printed the week before our first Annual Baby Rachel's Legacy walk/run 5K.
First Annual Baby Rachel's Legacy Walk/Run 5K