Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Perinatal Hospice?

The hospital gave us a pamphlet on "perinatal hospice" - do those two words go together? Sounds wrong.
Talked to the man from the funeral home today. We talked about how to do this ahead of time. He was very gracious about it. He said we can get all the details set up so that all we have to do is make a phone call and it will be taken care of. He said "if you get your miracle, I'll be happy to shred the papers - we can throw a shredding party" I'm praying for a shredding party!! Planning her funeral while I can feel her kicking inside me is a burden I never imagined i would have to bear.


  1. I will be praying for your shredding party!

  2. A shredding party sounds fabulous!!! I am also praising God that He has allowed you to make arrangements in case God doesn't miraculously heal her here on earth. Then you would be freed of responsibilities and decisions. And, boy, won't that shredding party be fun!

  3. Love the idea of a shredding party - I will be praying for that for ya'll and us. Our Sammy was due last week and just doesn't want to come :-) He also has anencephaly.

    Planning with our funeral home has been the last detail we have (yet) to work out...and I go in tonight to be induced!! It has been the most difficult tear inducing part of this whole process.

    I read some of your Oct posts too - we struggled to find doctors that were supportive, it is SUCH a relief and I am so glad you found one! Love your little boys' quotes and your pictures :-)



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