Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

I stumbled across another blog last night while looking for something else and through it, God gave me another glimps of hope. This woman's baby lived over 3 months! That's the longest I've heard yet. I also saw videos of her baby, doing all the things that Dr's say is impossible. In her earlier entries, she had said a lot of the same things I've said - one being that she hoped to at least be able to take her baby home from the hospital - and later, you see a picture of the baby in the carseat! A lot of the medical decisions she made, went against the Dr's recommendations - the same things that I have questioned repeatedly already. They do not offer people with this diagnosis the same medical options that they offer a routine delivery. The Dr's approach is from the standpoint that it doesn't really make sense to do any "extras" because the baby will die no matter what. My mother's heart says that is irrelevant. I would lay down my life for the children I have now and I would do it for this baby, regardless of how short her life is expected to be. I am resposible before God to protect her and love her without reservation, just as I would any other child He blesses me with, whether healthy, disabled, or dying. I know what their textbooks say will happen, but they are just Dr's - I have to depend on them for some things (mostly insurance coding!) but as for how long my baby will live and what I should do medically...for that, I am relying on the Lord. I never claimed it would make sense, logically - but we walk by faith, not by sight. I may have to plan her funeral before she's even born, but I am bringing a carseat to that hospital!!


  1. I'll bring the blanket.......

    Love, Mom

  2. Baby Faith was born while I was carrying Connor. She brought me such Hope checking the blog and videos everyday! I have her mom, Myah's, info if you would like to get in touch with her....she is a very proud Mama and a great supporter of carrying to term.

  3. I don't know you or your family, but thank you so much for sharing this awesome testimony of God's love and comfort. You may already be aware of a song sung by Selah (a Christian singing group) written by the wife of one of the singers, when they also found out that their unborn daughter would probably not live past birth (different diagnosis, but same expected outcome.) The song is called "I Will Carry You"...and to somewhat paraphrase the chorus..."God has chosen you to carry Rachel." I hope to follow your blog and will carry you in my prayers. Jan


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