Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who's child is she?

When I was pregnant with Desirae, we had a family member tell us we should have an abortion. From that point on, God has put it on my heart to help people who are in a situation where they need to make a choice, and to help them to choose life. I can't imagine my life without my beautiful, talented, precious Desirae and I never want anyone else to have to experience the pain that comes with choosing death. Today at church a friend reminded me that our children aren't ours - this is something God had put on my heart while I was in the hospital with Samuel a few weeks ago. He sent me more peace when I just thought of how "ironic" it is that He would choose ME to carry His child. She is not my child that He's taking - She is His and He chose me to give her to because He has been preparing me with a heart for life. A lot of people get this news and terminate (kill) their babies. That was the 1st discussion we had at the Dr's- "options" they call it. He wanted her here for a reason and I am SO blessed to be part of His plan. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for choosing me.


  1. I explained this to Desirae this morning - obviously leaving the 1st part out - and she said "He gives and takes away"

  2. Stacy,

    When Meagan told me the sad news, because of the way I am I could not help but go and read about the situation. I may not speak with you, but I do with Meagan daily and I wanted to educate myself so that I could understand and have knowledge to try to help the way she helped me when I lost my boyfriend 14 months ago.

    After reading (and Im talking hundreds of stories about simular situations and watching videos, seeing pictures), only then I understood more than I can explain about life and death. Two things that stuck in my mind were the quote I wrote about "You are valuable because you exist........" that was the end quote on a video about people aborting their children after hearing the news. I read that 95% do just that. So the question remained to me how do people move forward with this?

    I read hundreds of stories.....The people that went through with the journey..were happy and felt wonderful after...sad yes, but another thing I read was...and I cant quote it but I rememeber most of the words :

    ...This is my little girl moving and kicking inside me and god gave me her as a gift.....I will go through any pain I must in the world to give her every fighting chance, and my little girl deserves to have someone look into her eyes and hold her and let her know how much she was loved even if its for 2 minutes. Thats my duty to god...to take care of his child.

    After reading the story....I thought to myself "wow" I am so selfish because Stacy, if I never read those stories I may b e included in that 95% of the week people. Its embarressing to say on here, but possibly true. I dont really know cause Ive never been in the situation. Ask Meagan, Im just all confused about God, death, etc. But I am more curious now and see things differently than I may have in the past.

    But you knew right away and like I said before...thats why I think it works this way. You are one of the 5% Stacy and I admire that and think you are so brave. Desirae said it perfect... "he does give and take away". Its just that many of us spend more time thinking about what he took, and totally forget what he gave. I know I have.

    Have a nice evening with the family. I am also going to pray for the shredding party.

    Hang in there...

    Much love,


  3. stacy i had a long sad thought about what this must be like for you< i cannot imagine .you remain in my prayers and in HIS peace. cheryl hunter

  4. Isaiah 44:2~"I am your creator, you were in my care even before you were born."
    This verse is on our son's gravestone.
    That and the reference Jeremiah 29:11.

  5. Stacy,

    I was thinking about you today as I was listening to a song by Mercy Me called Bring on the Rain. If you get a chance please listen to it, it has brought me much peace in struggling times.

    My prayers are with you and your family...

    Laura Patton

  6. Sorry Stacy it is "Bring the Rain" from the Coming up to Breathe Merch Me CD. -Laura

  7. I LOVE how you said that "He sent me more peace when I just thought of how "ironic" it is that He would choose ME to carry His child. She is not my child that He's taking - She is His and He chose me to give her to because He has been preparing me with a heart for life."

    That's awesome. I'm in the middle of my journey with my own angel, and this is a great insight. I haven't been suffering with "Why me?" because I know it's the Lord's plan, but I love how you put this. Thank you!


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