Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Summer Blueberry

People have been asking what we need for the baby.  I usually just say diapers since that is the constant - and expensive - need for a new baby.  They grow out of everything so fast and we have a bunch of hand-me-downs for now so we shouldn't need clothes until he's a little older.  I have also never had a summer baby, so I feel a little lost as to what a summer baby needs.... plus, I'm trying to avoid extra clutter in our little home.

But last week, my friend Monica asked me what we needed and I gave her the usual answer..."diapers".... to which she said "anything I can make?" and it just came to me....

I wanted something to put him in for his first photos.  She told me to look on line and figure out what kind of animal/fruit/vegetable I wanted and she would make it.

I started looking at animals and nothing looked right...  then I wondered What would be a good summer fruit for my summer baby?  and it came to me.

With each of my kids, I had something specific I craved.  I've gone in stages this time, eggs first, then chicken Caesar salads and since it got hot out, I've been craving frozen blueberries in cereal in the morning.  I'm not a cereal girl at all so this is different for me. 

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how I had seen that gender reveal idea where the strawberries represented the girl  - well, it was blueberries they used to represent the boy :)

And last week when we went to pick fruit with my friend Michelle (who was due any day at that point) and her girls, I made a comment about how I would be there picking blueberries the week before I was due....  because why?   Well, because blueberries are ready for picking in late July, early August....and that is when Little E is due!  There were also blueberries that were ripe that day, which is super early for them and they were so good!  And so it is....

My summer blueberry....  I can't wait to put him in it!  It's SO cute!! 

I gave her a photo I printed off line and this looks EXACTLY like it and she brought it to me shortly after our party on Saturday!  I told her I was afraid this might be too small since my babies are usually born big and today she gave me another set she made the next size up!!  I am so excited to have something that is just his... my first summer baby.  A sweet little July (I hope! but maybe August!) blueberry!!

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