Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chapter 3

Samuel got out his bible and said "Isaiah, let's read this....  so, let's see.... let's start at chapter 3" and he started flipping through the pages until he got to what he called "chapter 3"

He looked at the page of words and pretended to read.....

"And Jesus died on the cross and He reached down and picked Rachel up off of her cross and I love Desirae and I love Isaiah and He said to be nice to people and to not hit Asa or not to be mean to Asa and Jesus loves everyone......"

As he flipped to the next page, he reminded me that he really *can* read this all by himself....I nodded.

"And Jesus said to not disobey and to do what He commands and to not be mean and to not hit anyone.... and I love everyone."

He closed the Bible and looked at me as he clutched it to his chest proudly...  I said "I love you Samuel."

"I love you, too Mama." he said with a smile.

And he disappeared into the kitchen announcing to everyone that he "knows how to read his Bible all by himself."

My heart rejoices at such a precious sight as my children desiring to read God's Word.   I love Samuel's take on "Chapter 3" and his comment about Jesus picking Rachel up off her cross has had me thinking this evening.... 

He really did rescue her from this world.  As sad as that is for us, I'm so thankful she never felt earthly pain and that her time spent here was safe in my womb being loved to the fullest.  We were talking about babies being born tonight and Isaiah asked if all babies cried when they are born.  I said yes at first - and then had to change my answer.... "well, if they are healthy they do.... but Rachel didn't cry." 

I always felt like I missed out not being able to hear her little voice let out a cry.  But as I said it, the thought of her being saved from the tears and pain of this world was again put on my heart.  She isn't missing much here no matter how much we miss her in our lives.  I feel her absence every day in one way or another, but she is complete and the only sounds that will ever flow from her mouth with be songs of joy, happiness, and worship.  And some day, I will hear them..... 


  1. I would've been a blubbering mess listening to him reading Chapter 3!!! Your kids are so precious!!


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