Sunday, August 23, 2015

How YOU Have Helped

Back in March, I received an application for assistance in another headstone.

The little girl is named Lily and she also had anencephaly.  Her mama Kellie and I have talked a bit through email and I've read quite a bit of her blog... this little family is so sweet, so faithful, and so desperately missing their Lily.  She would be 9 months old now.  I remember how hard month 9 was for me... I know I blogged about it because I remember being in Maine on Rachel's 9 month anniversary.  Time, we are told, will heal all wounds... but losing your child doesn't work that way.

When Kellie contacted me, they had most of Lily's stone paid and were only needing a bit under $250 to pay it off and get Lily her stone.  I'm honored and so thankful that our nonprofit can be a part of something so special, so difficult, so beautiful and so very intimate for other families.

You may not understand the significance of a Burial Assistance Program... but if you ever need to buy a headstone, (or pay for a burial or urn) you will know.  Lily's stone cost over $1000 to purchase.  They are extremely expensive and some families go years without one in place because they can't afford it.  For some, this might not seem like a huge deal - but for me, and so many other moms,  I wanted Rachel to have something right away - I wanted her name to be seen and for her spot to be pretty.  As her mom, it was all I could do for her and my need to care for her didn't stop when she died.

We donated the remaining funds needed and I was so blessed when I recently received photos of them visiting Lily with her new stone.  Kellie gave me permission to share them with all of you...I wanted to show you a portion of what your support does for families who find themselves on a similar path as we did with Rachel... If you have supported Baby Rachel's Legacy in the last year, YOU helped to give this beautiful family this precious gift for their little girl. Thank you!!  You help us to be able to comfort with the comfort we received.

Here are the pictures she sent me and please be sure to take a minute and CHECK OUT HER BLOG so you can see a picture of Lily - she is absolutely breathtaking! - And give this mama a bit of prayer and encouragement. ♥


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