Monday, November 9, 2015

♥ Her 5th Birthday ♥

OK, so here's the scoop... 

Months ago, a friend at church told me of someone she knew who was carrying a baby with anencephaly.  Back in September, the woman who took my pregnancy photos and birth photos for Rachel, told me she had met a girl (who I didn't know was the same girl) that she was going to take photos for because her daughter had anencephaly and that she gave her my blog address.  A few weeks later, another friend mentioned she met a girl online and that she was due on December 3rd (Rachel's bday) with a little girl who has anencephaly and she also had sent her to my blog.  I still had no idea it was the same person.  All the pieces didn't come together until I contacted this girl to see if there was any way I could help her through our nonprofit or to support her.  When I realized it had been the same person all along, I knew this is where God wanted me to spread love this year in memory of Rachel.  But unlike my usual plans, I have only known this was something I could do for the last few days and December 3rd isn't far away.

And so this is the plan... to love on her and her family as they prepare to meet their little girl.  I know many people do not know how to attend a baby shower for a baby who will not live long.  I get it.  But please believe me when I say that showing up with a smile and a hug is more important than having the 'right' words or the 'right' gifts.  And honestly, I don't think this family is expecting or hoping for gifts anyway.  They just want to celebrate their daughter's LIFE while she is with them.  They are a military family and do not know many people in this area so have not had any kind of shower yet.  I'll admit, with what I have on my plate already, I felt crazy offering, but God wouldn't let me not... and so I'm diving in!  (and welcome anyone who wants to help!!) :)

PLEASE join us!!  I have created a facebook event page that is private in order to protect the privacy of the family, but anyone who is wanting to come and show support and celebrate this sweet little girl is welcome, so please contact me if you do!

If you can't come, but want to know how you can help them... They have told me that stars are symbolic for their daughter and I know that anything personalized (contact me for name) would be really special.  I also know that some of my favorite gifts at Rachel's celebration were ones that made it feel like things were 'normal' - like lotion or a Christmas ornament or blanket.  They also have another child, a boy, who is still little and I'm sure wouldn't mind some lovin'.   Please keep them in your prayers, now and as time goes on.

Our nonprofit is going to be helping with the urn for their daughter and covering the cost of the celebration.  I also have a memory box filled like we usually give to the hospital that I will give to her to help make memories in their time together.  So, if you want to help financially with those things, you can make a tax deductible donation to Baby Rachel's Legacy.  You can send a check or use the Paypal button on the side of my blog and just make a note what you want it used towards.  We will also be collecting a love offering for them to use in the weeks following their daughter's arrival and if you contact me, I can tell you how to give to them directly.  Our nonprofit cannot give cash to individuals so if you send it to Baby Rachel's Legacy, it will need to be used on items or services.  If you want to bless them with a monetary gift to use how they wish, it will need to go directly to them.

I'm honored that this family as allowed me to be a part of something so special.  I pray you will come and be a part too.  I had over 85 people come to Rachel's celebration and they were not all people I had met before - and it was an amazing comfort to my hurting heart.  And while this shower is for antoher little girl, there is no doubt that none of this would be on my heart to do if Rachel never came and went... but also if I wasn't loved so well by all of you while she was here.  So thank you for your love back in those days - and for all of you who have continued to follow along with my journey all these last 5 years.  For your patience and love and grace and mercy... and for always supporting me when I get another prompting from the Spirit!  I've said it before, but it's so, so true... I couldn't do any of it without you!

I'm excited to see what God has in store...  Rachel Alice Aube, Mama loves you ♥  I can't believe you'd be almost 5.  Miss you every minute of every day... until then...


  1. Depending on if Pete is forced into work we (Pete, the girls and I) may be late but we will be there. Can't wait to see you! <3

  2. Your amazing! The way you bring healing to so many people xx

  3. You are right Erybery! She IS amazing! I've been telling her that for some time now <3


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