Friday, July 13, 2012

A lot can happen in a day

I figured it was easier to tell my story about yesterday in photos....

I was outside watering my "Rachel" flowers (yes, that is what they are actually named! Not by me, by the flower place!) and Isaiah yelled, "Hey, I see a rainbow!" I told him to take a picture cause I couldn't see it..... this is the pic he took.... A rainbow going right over her flowers and bench.

The night before at 1am, I sent my VP of Baby Rachel's Legacy nonprofit an email that said "I made all these pretty banners for the race but I have no idea how I'm supposed to hang the things"  I was still outside watering the flowers that morning and Donna pulled up... She called me over and said "Do you have any need for these?"  Seriously?!  8am and she is coming to my house with sticks that stand up and have holes in them that they were going to throw away??  PERFECT for banners!!  Things have been falling into place like this pretty consistently and my 1am prayers have been being answered.  Thank You, God!!

I left and went to Dover and saw this at Applebees:  This is an 8ft banner I made up that I thought was going to go to waste cause we couldn't find anyone who would hang it for us... Matt went and put it up and now it's in the busiest intersection around!  And as of today, there will be one hanging in Rochester on Rt 11 too! Thank You, God!

I went to Staples to pick up some supplies for the race and found this.... If I had the money I would buy one for every person who came that day and have it marked with her name - Are you for real?  A tiny pink sneaker?  So cute, just like my girl - and perfect with her race coming up!  Now I have something that says "Rachel" attached to my diaper bag... I feel like I can 'represent' her everywhere I go now...

We came home and gave Sam a bath... I sat Asa next to the tub and the little porker decided he wanted to see IN the tub...  I can't believe I encouraged this behavior!!  He's growing up too fast... This is from watching all those Rocky movies!  He's a tank! (add Mickey's voice here)

And then Des came down and said "My doll is #43!" I asked what she meant and she told me it had a 43 on the neck.  Remember the post from last Friday?  I took a pic of the girls holding their American Girl dolls with Rachel's grave in the distance and said "I'll always have one girl missing from my 'girly' photos"..... and the doll Des was holding is numbered 43?!  Not to mention, she has never noticed numbers on the back of any of her dolls before.  Seriously?  Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? 

 I guess my point is that a lot of things can happen in one day....  and with how busy I am right now, it would be easy to overlook the ways God speaks to me in details.

Whether it's a rainbow I can't see, but my 5 year old can... a random wooden post drop off... a business willing to support our girl's race.... a key chain shoe....a healthy, growing, strong baby boy doing new things....or an imprinted number on the back of a doll's neck.... If I look around, I can't deny that He is there.

Some days are harder than others.... I'm so thankful for these little reprieves that encourage my heart. He is so good. 


  1. Amazing Day!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rainbow in the garden photo! That is amazing! Hope everything falls into place for Rachel's Race.

  2. LOVE all the God spots in your day! Thanks for sharing!


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