Friday, December 13, 2013

Mercy for My Heart

I swear to you, I am NOT making this up...

I finished up my last post.  I got ready for bed.  I woke Matt up from the couch and told him to go up to bed.  I took the phone and walked upstairs.

I made my way through the dark hallway and as I stepped into my bedroom (which is still without lights 10 weeks later... but that's a different story) I felt something on my hand and looked down.

I kid you not....  This purple balloon - which by the way I was up in Des' room today looking for something for over 30 minutes and never saw - literally floated INTO my hand!!!!  I looked down and the string had slipped IN my hand between me and the phone!  How?  I have no idea.  It was just there.

I looked up and saw it still high in the air....  Are you serious?  I bought these balloons on November 22nd.  I think that makes 21 days!  I brought it downstairs to take a picture.  Now Matt beat me to bed again, but I had to share....

Did you hear me when I said she was real?  Just checking. 

I'm being reminded that a heavenly perspective is necessary in order to see the worth of Rachel's life.  And so I guess Matt is right that it's just a sad opinion, because if you believe she wasn't a real baby based on her outward appearance, then you must not believe that her soul is what made her 'real'.  But it is and God makes that known to me all the time.  This was one of those unbelievable moments where I am BLOWN AWAY by how loudly He speaks to me.  I'm positive my words - and even my photos - don't do what just happened justice.  wow.  Thank you Lord for your *mercy*!

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