Saturday, April 19, 2014

43 Days to Raise for Race Day!

I've been trying to avoid having to ask for donations before Rachel's Race this year.... and I realize that I may not have even really blogged about the fact that I am doing it this summer... I still have a pretty awesome post (If I do say so myself) that I want to share on some details, but I'll have to get to that another time.

Over the past couple of months, I literally have not worked much at all on the race.  Which is good.  And bad.

It's good because my promise to my family this time around was that I wouldn't be too preoccupied with Rachel's Race that they suffered.  It's bad because things still need to be done!!  And somebody has to do them!

So, I've been working here and there on different things... getting things lined up and services reserved.  And everything costs money.  I wanted to wait for the race day proceeds to cover expenses, but they are coming in now as I prepare.  I also thought that as people registered, I would have what I needed, but only 2 people have registered so far - which is AWESOME since it's so early, it's just not working out on the cost side of things.

Long story short, check out this site I set up - if you aren't coming to the race and would like to help, this would be a great way to do that.  If you can't help, please just pass this on and share with your friends!

And most importantly, if you could all be praying for me as I come to mind.... for provision with expenses and for enough proceeds to cover next year's Baby Rachel's Legacy non profit ministry.  I'd love this to be the last time I have to ask for donations!!  I'm so tired of fundraising!

Thank you for your continuous support through all of my requests.  I couldn't do any of this without all of you.

OH, and when I set up this page, it asked for an end date.  I picked June 1st randomly.  When I went to review the page, it said there were 43 days left..... of course there are!!!

Click Here: Raising for Race Time!

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