Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rachel's Impact - Part 4

    I could have never imagined on August 4, 2010 that anyone would be positively affected by the diagnosis we had just received....  I still don't believe I will know the true magnitude of what her life and death have done on this earth until I get to heaven.  

    And these were short notes I got on Facebook.....

    You have touched me by the way you love Rachel and others. Rachel has shown us through you how to love more and be grateful for all you have... it can be gone in a moment, we love you.
    Sarah – ME

    Very thankful for you sweet baby Rachel! You brought your mommy and me together across so many miles. What an impact you have made in so many lives! I love to watch and read about how you live on in your mommy's heart. You are loved, little one. So glad you are in heaven with Jesus, Eliana and all those we miss.
    Melanie – MN

      I did not know you when you had Rachel, but by talking to you I realized I had to make this journey with my precious Alicia. Hearing your story made mine possible. I have had 29 days with my little girl and she is the joy of my life. Rachel's story gave me a miracle. I didn't give up and neither has my girl. So I wanted to say thank you to you and your daughter. God bless you for the journey your story has put me on. <3 p="">
      Jenn - NH
      (mother of Alicia, who was deemed never to survive to birth)

    • Rachel's story makes me see the how much every single moment spend with the ones who we love are important (sorry Stacy, I dont write very well in english) Thanks for chering Rachel to the world.
      Liz – Brazil

    • Amazing little girl, amazing mommy, amazing strength, amazing hope. I love you both!
Amanda – ME

    • There is no truer story of love than your family. Never giving up and always pushing forward and bringing Rachel with you wherever life takes you. A true inspiration
      Susanne – KS

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