Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rachel's 2nd Race Results!!

I've been waiting on a few things to announce the final results of Rachel's 2nd Race.

The board for Baby Rachel's Legacy had decided that this year, we would hold onto a bit of the money raised to get us started next year.  This is something we didn't do last year, we just gave all the money made, minus $5 to keep the account open, straight to Options for Women.  It was recommended by a woman at the Charitable Trusts Unit when I was going through the application process to become a non-profit that we not do that again, so we voted this spring and decided that made sense. 

Recently we found out that we only have 27 months from the date we became a non-profit to apply for a 501(c)3 status if we want people to be able to continue to get the tax write off for donations to our now non-profit, "Baby Rachel's Legacy".  The cost of this is $850.  We then decided that we would hold on to that amount and donate the rest instead of saving.   

Well, a couple of weeks before the race, I wrote these goals on my chalkboard:

143 people signed up before the race
243 people there at the event
$12,043 total raised
$ 9,430 total donated.

I also sent out an email to my team with these goals and subject line: Mark My Words :o)

On line registration was due to close at 6 pm on August 2nd and at 5:40, we made it to 143 sign ups.
(last year before the race, we had only 70!!)

We had 211 participants all together and I'm positive that there were another 32 people there that were either helping or came to show support - I don't have an exact number because there is no way to have one, but I'd say it's safe to assume that we had 243 - as a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was exactly 243 :o)

I added up all the funds that came in to Baby Rachel's Legacy this season - and I hate to say I was wrong on this one, but happy in the direction...  we brought in almost $14,000 this year!  That's a good increase from last year' s!

And when I sat down to see what we had left after all our expenses... I was getting a little discouraged.  We had to get insurance and we bought tables and chairs... there was an increase in the cost of the potties as well as a bunch of extra supplies (now that we know this is really going to be an annual thing) and every $10 here and $50 there really added up.  I was regretting I didn't borrow tables like I did last year... that I had bought so many little gifts for people to show appreciation and to honor their babies... that I had spent so much in advertising....  Until I came to the final number....


This means we can donate $9,430 and have $24 left!  When I saw the number, I knew I had done the right things with the funds, but this begged the question - What about the 501(c)3 application?

I sent out an email to the board members, expecting them to say play it safe and save the money.  And to be honest, I was thinking it made sense, but my heart wasn't there.  I am thankful to have a board for my girl's legacy that cares about what God wants, trusting Him and helping Rachel to reach as far as possible.  The answer I got was let's go for it.... And my heart is at peace with this decision. 

We sat the kids down and told them how God had put this number on my heart and that we can donate that exact amount IF we don't worry about saving for the application fee.  We prayed about it together and our family and the board of Baby Rachel's Legacy are happy to announce that we will be giving $9, 430 (number chosen for Rachel - Go #43!) to Family Builders Ministries this week in Rachel's honor and for her amazing legacy.

Hope does not disappoint us!   Praising God for His faithfulness and His provision - and for putting desires on my heart and making them come true to continue to build my faith in Him.

More photos coming soon...  But this is one we asked Jenna Doughtry to take and it is one of my favorites... not to mention, as she was taking it, she kept accidentally calling me Rachel ♥  Which I love and never correct :o)  The tie in my hair is a piece of Rachel's blanket fabric and I had to make Asa's shirt cause his was WAY too big. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us in this.  You are a blessing to our hearts in ways you will never know.  Thank you.


  1. Yay! So exciting and I'm so happy for you I'm crying happy tears! Praying for, and knowing that He will provide the application fee in His perfect time.

    <3 Hugs <3

  2. Way to go, Mama! And I LOVE that picture!!! <3


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