Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me Too

Tonight I was sitting with Sam on the couch.  He was driving his cars over my belly and I waited for his usual comments about the baby he insists I must still have in there, based on the size of it....

He started in a familiar way.... "When is the baby in your belly going to come out?"

And I said the same thing I always say "There is no baby in there anymore."

The next part I was not expecting....

He continued "Ohhh, but I want you to have a baby in your belly again."  My eyes got wide and I asked "Already!?" and he whined....

"I want Rachel to be in your belly again... I want her to come down from heaven and be here with us... I want Rachel...."

"Me too, Buddy"... I said. "Me too."


UPDATE:  Holy Moly... I posted this and the time stamp said 10:27... the time she was born... She is with us.


We so appreciate your words of encouragement!
Thank you! ♥ The Aubes