Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Time to Laugh

Thursday night Matt parked across the street so he could shovel our driveway.  I mentioned at about 10pm that he should move his car back to our side of the street and shouldn't leave it there.

He said "It's fine."

Friday morning I woke to Isaiah telling me he saw footprints up to our front door.  I shooed him away and went back to sleep.  Next thing I hear is Matt saying "Stacy, you're never going to believe this... I went out to get your Valentines gift out of my car... and my car is gone...."

We all threw our boots on and jumped in the van.  Matt was the last one in and I instructed the kids to all yell "Happy Valentines Day Daddy!!" when he got in the van. He laughed.  As we drove, he said he was going to ask them to give him a discount.  And he was serious, which was the cute part. :)  I told him "I know you're special and all, but you're only that special to me."

That night we planned to go skating with the kids.  We got to the rink and it was closed for snow removal on the roof... we decided to stop at Hannaford's and get a snack for the kids.  My wonderful husband dropped me at the door in front of the grocery store and as I made my way to the entrance, he began yelling as loud as he could "I LOVE YOU HONEY CAKES... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... I LOVE YOU!!!" (In a voice that sounded almost as if he was in pain) Everyone around me was embarrassed too...and of course there was a 'traffic jam' at the door and like 10 people going in at the same time. One lady said "You're loved" and I mentioned that, actually he was just going out of his way to embarrass me. "His is coming to him" she said...

As I walked through the store (wearing my loudly swishing snow pants) I kept laughing out loud to myself. I pretty much looked crazy. And then when I went back to the van, he locked the doors and started yelling "Do a dance honey!" As he threw his arms around encouraging me to dance as if that was the 'password'.  The kids were cracking up and probably a bit nervous for his life - But, after I busted a move in the Hannaford parking lot in my snow pants, I promised him I would get him back.

Well, 'his time came' when we went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Sat for our anniversary. We had other plans that got canceled because of the storm and last minute we decided to go to this show that we had no idea what it even was! It ended up being an interactive play where there is a murder and you have to figure out who did it (think the game Clue) They gave us fake cash to buy clues, but in one room when they offered the 'highest bidder' a song made up for - and sung to - the person of their choice, I bid all my money to get Matt up there... and this is what came of that... 

And after he was thoroughly embarrassed... I promised him I was putting it on the internet. :)

Next time you see him, do me a favor and say "Hi Big Bad Matt!" He can just thank me that I didn't make him do the running man. ;)  

I think this may have been the most fun anniversary we've had yet and I realized just how much we love to laugh. Something our relationship was founded on and can get lost in the day to day of life... but as silly as it sounds, this weekend brought that back for us and it feels awesome.  Looking forward to another year with my "Hot Matt". LOL!!!

While the journey with Rachel was hard on us in so many ways - and honestly, I know with all I am that God' grace alone kept us together through it... I am so thankful for how our sweet little girl gave us a different vision for our lives.  We stopped on the way home Sunday to shovel out Rachel and a couple other graves and I said to Matt "This was never what I envisioned when we stood in that church 8 years ago... that we'd spend so much time shoveling graves..."  And my next thought was "Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord" 

Rachel taught us how to shine - and how to see light - in dark places.  She taught us how to love... to live... to laugh...right where we are and in whatever circumstance He sends our way. Our lives and our marriage are so much richer from loving this little girl who some saw a just a burden.  You'll never see me slap on a fake smile, but I've never been more sure that the joy that the Lord gives makes me strong.  It just comes in a completely different package than I expected. 

Today we celebrate 8 years of marriage, 6 babies, all our needs constantly provides for by our amazing God....and we look forward to every day we get to spend together in the future here on earth... and eternity together in heaven.  We are undeservedly blessed.


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