Saturday, May 24, 2014

Join us from far away!!

I have so many friends that I have been blessed with through Rachel and this blog.  Sometimes it is hard knowing that the people who seem to care the most about us are not around for my daily life stuff.  If I could make a way for each of you to come to Rachel's Race, my heart would be overjoyed.  At her last race one of the friends God gave me through Rachel came from Ohio to be with us - they came to church with us the next day too and played on her playground with us - and it was such an amazing gift.  Just such a clear picture of the unbelievable ways that God has provided me people to walk this journey with when the people who were in my life at the time of her diagnosis disappeared on me.  

So, I've been wishing that all of you could come and I know that's not going to be possible.  I noticed that some people are doing these "Virtual Races" now to help bridge the gap between us who are connected via the Internet.  So I decided to jump in on this and make a way for people who are too far away to come (or can't make it) to Rachel's Race, but want to participate and be able to rock your Rachel's Race t-shirt!

Sign up for our "Virtual Walk or Run" and support us from where you are!! You can do it on August 2nd along with us or on a day near it if you can't do that one.  In your registration, I will get your address and shirt size and I will mail your shirt(s) to you!

Be sure to post pictures on the Baby Rachel's Legacy Facebook page and tag me!! 

Of course if you are far away and plan to come to the race, don't let this option steal your attention - I'd rather see you there!

Click HERE to register!!

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