Saturday, May 10, 2014

Just Like My Mom

12 years ago today, I drove myself to jail to serve the sentence that awaited me after rehab.  Seems a silly anniversary to remember, but I knew the day I walked into that place that I would *never* go back.  What I didn't know was that 2 weeks later, I would find out I was pregnant with my first baby (Desirae) or that God would use her to make sure I didn't ever get tempted to go back to my old life.  I went in on a Friday and that Sunday was Mother's Day... and although my call to my mom came collect, not only did she pay for that call, but she stuck by me through that trial... she bought me diapers for my baby for when I got out... she was strong and brave and dedicated, even when the whole world told her to let me do it alone.  I once again learned from my mom what it means to love my children unconditionally and to be loyal.

When I freak out on my kids and tell them they should worry for their lives... I think "Oh my, I'm just like my mom" and when I love them with the mess-with-my-kids-and you-die kind of love... I think "I'm just like my mom" and when I think about what might come their way as they get older and the trials they might face, I wonder if I can be everything they need in me as their mom and I just hope...that I am just like my mom....

Love you Mom and hope you're Mother's Day is a blessing to you like you have been in so many ways to us kids.

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