Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Long Distance Friends

Our friends from OH came up for Rachel's Race again this year.  This is the 3rd time we've met in person.  After the last race they came for we didn't hang out though, so this time we made a point to spend time together.  They met us at church on Sunday and we spent the day together afterwards.  We hung out in the middle of our race disaster here and then went up to play on Rachel's Playground.

It's amazing to me the friends I have gained from God through Rachel.  I might not get to see them every day, but when I talk to them or visit with them (still anxiously waiting to meet a couple of them!) it's like we've always known each other.  There is a connection so much deeper than I have with even people I have been around for years.  And I love the fact that I will know them and their babies gone too soon when we meet together in heaven.

Until then, I will take whatever time I can get... and goodbyes will always be hard....

Missing from this photo:
On earth... Wesley and Cielo
In heaven... Rachel, Silas, Saria & Benjamin

I'm laughing about the fact that there are still kids hanging off our ankles

hanging out on the kitchen floor :)

Rachel's slide!  Weeee!

Of course there was a dandelion!

Des was soaking up all the time with little girls.  She told me when they left that little boys are all messy with snots all over them and little girls are 'just perfect'. LOL.  She was sad to see them leave...

Wearing her daisy dress

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