Monday, August 18, 2014

Rachel's Race 2014 - The Video!

Well, it's far from a professional video, and even further from perfection, which you know drives me crazy... but here it is, none the less...  I had to take out bits of the ceremony in order to fit everything and mash together a few different recordings, a few songs (I included the ones we played at the ceremony) and a bunch of photos, so it wasn't a small project, but I'm done!!!

Thank you to everyone who took photos and videos for me so I could create this video.  I hope it gives at least a glimpse into how special this day is for us as a family, for Baby Rachel's Legacy as a Non Profit, and for other families who have suffered the loss of a child....

Each passing day, it becomes more apparent to me that Rachel's legacy will remain long after I'm gone.... so I guess I'm doing my job as her Mama.

I continue to be thankful for this hard road and praise the Lord that He is able to bring beauty from ashes.

Here's the video... My sweet friend from Switzerland will recognize the banner behind me on the stage!!! (Thank you, it fit perfectly!)  There are so many details of love scattered throughout the day at Rachel's Race... like I suppose it won't surprise you that there are 43 balloons... Well, I actually bought 45 in case some popped and 2 wouldn't float with the rest, they laid low to the ground... so there were 43 in the air. 

Heaven is real and I can't wait to see you again pretty girl!!

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  1. I love your video, Stacy! It delivers such a great insight into the day for far away people like me... Thank you! And of course I love it that the banner fitted perfectly :-) God is good!
    Hugs and love, anja


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