Saturday, September 15, 2012

Places: Moody's Diner

We stopped at a favorite of ours, Moody's Diner, on the way up to the camp.  We've done this a couple other times.  I have a photographic memory and can picture those times vividly.  We unloaded from the van and the boys immediately ran up this very steep hill in front of us.  I watched from below, and as usual captured the moment on heart keenly aware of the little girl not with us. 

Then I turned around and noticed the little flower (a single dandelion) in front of our van and I knew...
She's not as far away as she feels sometimes.
Inside, we had lots of laughs

Per Isaiah's request.....

Sam's first egg and milk allergy-free trip to Maine started out right with grilled cheese and french fries!  Last year we had to bring cold rice and canned meat everywhere we went!!
  And Asa had his first french fry - which was well received and super cute.
And we reminisced about the "Good Old Days" - in more ways than one. 



  1. Oh look how big Asa is now!! Your family is gorgeous, including that special little girl that is not there :( Love the dandelion and love your personal rego plates on your van too!

  2. A beautiful family, indeed! I love the pictures!


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