Friday, January 25, 2013

Time for Maternity Clothes!

I finally pulled out my maternity clothes on Sunday.  This is only the 2nd pregnancy that I've made it thru the first trimester without needing my stretch waists... Rachel was the other one. ♥

I got a spurt of energy the other day that was flamed by the fact that I had a screaming toddler and couldn't find the teething tablets because my house was so messy.  I decided we were taking a "Teacher's Workshop" (they do it almost every week in public school!) and we stopped school and CLEANED.  EVERYTHING.

And one of the projects was my closet...  I needed to get my regular clothes out and my maternity clothes in.(and off my bedroom floor!)  I was moving along really quickly because since I just recently put my maternity clothes into the attic, I had gone thru them and donated all the stuff I wouldn't use again... so I knew everything I had needed to go in my closet.  All I had to do was hang it.  I hung it all and got down to the last 2 shirts and one of them was the one I wore to Rachel's baby shower.

I started crying.  I didn't expect it.  That's usually how it happens. 

I've been emotional lately, crying a lot.  Not even about Rachel, just in general... like over the fact that we didn't have ice cream and I wanted some - or that Asa will not stop crying and I can't take anymore and I'm exhausted.  But these were not pregnancy induced tears.  I looked at that shirt and I missed her.  I missed those days.  I missed not knowing that she would be gone so soon.

I am getting really excited about the baby - which is much faster than it happened last time with Asa.  I know it's an up and down kind of road... but I'm feeling pretty good most of the time.  And my sickness has let up some, which is early for me too.  So it's been an 'easier' pregnancy than usual for me. (if you can ever call pregnancy 'easy') 

I do have one problem with my maternity clothes... I've only had winter babies so my clothes are the wrong sizes for the seasons... all my big stuff is winter clothes!  Not gonna work for this summer baby.  I'm so excited to be having a summer baby!  Gotta find me some dresses...

Anyhow... here is the first picture I've taken of my 'baby bump'....

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  1. Pregnancy is indeed tough with all the roller coaster emotions but exciting as well. I must say you look pretty! Way to go!


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