Sunday, November 23, 2014

Baby Shower Reminder

10 days left until Rachel's birthday and less than 2 weeks until the benefit baby shower we're doing to celebrate her life by blessing others.  As you probably know, we are doing a baby shower for a young local mom who is expecting a baby boy in March.

A few things have been purchased from the registries and we received one donation (THANK YOU!!!), but there is still so much more she needs!

Please consider helping us for this special day by purchasing something off of one of her registries or sending a gift card or donation that we can use to help her get ready for her little boy's arrival.  Even a bunch of small gift cards can add up to help us purchase a bigger item, or buy another pack of diapers!

I have no idea how long shipping will take on purchases, so in order to help reduce my fear-of-failure stress level, if you could order soon I would be ever so grateful.

Her name is Lindsey Seale from NH and she is registered at Walmart  and

Thanks, Love & Hope,
Stacy & Rachel

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