Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Guess Who's Having a Baby....

Not me!  :)  But now that I have your attention, please read this!!

It's that time of year again...  Rachel Alice's 4th birthday is fast approaching and I have some exciting things to share!  

God has presented us with another opportunity to celebrate life and share the love of Christ.  We have been led to a young girl from our local high school who is expecting a baby boy in March. We have never met her, the girls who work at the gas station around the corner told us that she is in need of help preparing for her baby and doesn't have much support.  Her name is Lindsey and I hear she is almost done high school, will be graduating in January, has a job too and is a hard worker.   

I gave her the option of us having a shower with her in attendance or just gathering and donating items to her.  I told her I am pretty good at throwing parties and she accepted. :)  I admit this feels awkward to me.  I am nervous about it being a flop and her feeling disappointed or let down.  But God put it on my heart and so I am going with it and I'm hoping you will help me!!  

I have been having fun helping her pick items and making the invitations.  It's such an honor to remember Rachel this way... by pouring my love on others.  I have to say the thought of having your first baby so young and not having a time where people gather and celebrate sounds sad to me.  I'm pretty sure she would not have had a shower if it wasn't for Rachel.  I think this young lady needs to know that choosing life doesn't leave you alone....and I want her to feel the love that God so freely gives through us.  So if you are local and can make this, I would be ever so grateful if you stop by and show your support even if you cannot bring a gift.  

We will be having her baby shower at our home (email me at RachelsMama@ymail.com if you need our address) on Saturday December 6, 2014 from 2 - 4 pm.  I hope to make this a relaxing and fun time... and of course there will be caramel in some form to enjoy.  Please join us!!!

I asked Lindsey to set up two registries, which she has.  She is registered at Walmart and on Amazon.com.  They have my address as a "ship to," so if you are far away and want to pick something to be sent, it can be sent straight to me and I will wrap it and give it to her.  If it's easier, you can also send a gift card to Walmart or Amazon (or anywhere, really), a check or a donation to our Paypal.  I will use these to purchase items off of her registries and will wrap them for her special day.  She has a couple of bigger items she needs and I can use multiple donations to get them, so please don't think any amount is too small!  Even $5 or $10 will really add up and could make a big difference for her and this new bundle of joy.   

If you will be helping us from a distance, please send items to arrive no later than December 1 so I have time to wrap them.   Also, if you are sending a donation, I will need time to order items after receiving it as well, so please take that into consideration. 

Thank you so much for being part of Rachel's beautiful legacy.  It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since she came and went.  I still miss her every minute of every day... and yet I look back over these past 4 years and am blown away by how many lives this little girl has touched.... how many handprints she has left on hearts... how many people have been renewed in their relationship with Christ... how many kids have be given extra kisses or an extra dose of patience... all because she lived and died.  It's been the most blessed years of my life.  *Thank you* for walking this journey with me.  Thank you for loving my girl.

Donations can be mailed to:

Baby Rachel's Legacy
PO Box 454
Rochester, NH 03866-0454

If you have any trouble with the links, you can search either site by using her full name, Lindsey Seale in NH.  Thanks!!

This is the invite I made for Rachel's family and friends


And here is a peak at the invites I made for Lindsey's family and friends.  Obviously I didn't cross out the address and phone number on hers :)

P.S!!  Thanks to all the support we had at Rachel's Race in August,  I am almost done purchasing items for care packages that we will deliver to Maine Medical on December 3rd.  Matt has requested the day off again and we plan to do what we did last year - to drive up to where Rachel spent her 43 minutes alive outside of my womb, show the kids where she was born, and donate care packages for other families who lose babies unexpectedly - families who find themselves leaving the hospital with a memory box instead of their baby.  

I have had the chance to talk to a mom who got one of the boxes last year and she was so blessed by it.  She even sent me a picture of her baby's tiny little foot as she was taking his print with the ink and paper we sent.  It is a gift to be able to provide for others in this way... to help them bring home keepsakes they will always be so glad they have.   

Rachel's boxes already have a reputation for being very nice, but these just got even better!  :)  Once I have everything here, I will share the items with you!  


  1. 4 years, my goodness. Dearest Rachel Alice, do you know how much of an impact your life has had? She has such a dedicated mama, and a beautiful person my darling friend <3 <3 <3

  2. I love this! I, too, walked the halls of high school pregnant with my oldest son. As a Christian, a cheerleader, and a member of several other clubs, my life was in the spotlight. I saw the judging eyes and heard the condemning whispers concerning my 'mistake.' It was a lonely walk most of the time, but I can confidently say it was more than worth it! I can't wait to shower Lindsey with baby gifts and the love of Jesus! Count me in!

  3. I love how God works his miracles!
    Let me know what I can do to help <3

  4. You're simply amazing! I tried clicking on the link for Walmart and it doesn't seem to be working. I also tried searching her name through the registry itself at walmart.com and am getting this: We did not find any names that matched your search. You can refine your search by entering more letters or filling in more information.

  5. I love love love how Rachel and her Mama keep impacting others lives!
    This truly is amazing! I love you!
    Hugs, anja


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