Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holes of Sun

I spent some time at a friend's house this afternoon with the kids, sitting on the porch with the sun warming my back.  It was absolutely beautiful out.  We started getting ready to head out and it started to DOWNPOUR out of nowhere.  My friend came out with her umbrella and walked Sam to the van while I ran with the baby.  Within just a couple short minutes, we were all soaked.  The carseats got wet just opening the doors.

When we got home, we ran inside and I was so wet I had to change.... Des looked out the back door and told me that there was a big hole of sun shining through the dark clouds.  I took a look and had to share...

Is it just me, or is it strange how many times there have been heart-shaped 'holes of sun' out my back door??  Gray clouds, rain and sunshine can and do coexist.... and somewhere, there was a rainbow. 


  1. It's the reminder that we need from God to let us know that He hasn't forgotten :)

  2. There was a rainbow in Portsmouth last night when I walked out of school. By the way I wanted to tell you I have been seeing daisies everywhere. I think of Rachel every time now.

  3. I think I saw the cloud that belonged in your heart shaped hole! After leaving you yesterday, we went to Rachel's playground. We were ther for about 40min and could see the dark rain clouds moving in. Out of nowhere, Ava shouts "Look Mel! Look at that cloud, it looks like a heart!" She was right! It was a beautiful white cloud floating in the clear blue sky. I just stood there and stared at it floating above. I wish I could've gotten a picture, but I was in awe that it came right over her playground. I am forever amazed at how he takes care of His children!


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