Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You know me and goals....

OK, here we go.... We're into the last month before Rachel's Race and after just watching a video from Willie Batson (Family Builders Ministries) he posted on their financial need, I feel compelled to ask a favor...

If you are planning on coming to our 2nd Annual race, but have been putting signing up off...

Could you take a few minutes to take the plunge and sign up? If you can't come, could you consider either donating or sponsoring a registration for someone who would like to but can't afford it? I feel this could be a great encouragement to Family Builders Ministries in response to his request. 
I have sensed God stirring a lot of things under the surface. I am confident that there will be a lot happening in the next few weeks - but if you love Rachel and love Family Builders Ministries (or what they stand for), let's show them how much! 

We are at 57 sign ups right now. Have been for a couple of weeks. Let's see if we can get that number to 100 by Sunday! And as I just typed that (feeling slightly crazy), I saw that it means exactly 43 people need to sign up! (love you Rachel! ♥)  

If you want to come, but money is keeping you from registering, please comment below and if anyone offers a scholarship, I will contact you! We can do this you guys!! I'll keep you - And Willie & Cindy Batson - posted!

Love & Hope,
Stacy & Rachel ♥

Register or Donate here!!

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