Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prank Call... Answered.

I realized that I post a lot of my day to day funnies and blessings on facebook now and that people who don't use facebook don't get to see them.  Since I'm still laughing about what happened tonight, I'm writing it here too....I'm not sure if it's still considered a prank call if we weren't the ones who did the calling... but we sure had fun answering!

There's been this number calling over and over for the last couple weeks and I keep ignoring it.  They called at dinner time tonight and I asked Matt to get rid of them.  He answered the phone:

"Goooood  Eeeeevvvvennning!"  ( I knew this was going to be good)
She went thru her script.
He said "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, can you repeat that?"
She went thru it again. (it was long)
Apparently it had to do with a poll on kids under 4 getting immunizations.
He exclaimed, "Kids under 4 need baxetration??!!"
She corrected him and asked if he was 17.  He said yes.  She asked if he lived in the household.  He said no. (yep, he lied, but it was funny) She asked if she could speak to someone who was 17 who lived in the household.

He put it on speaker phone and gave the it to Isaiah.

I was literally bent over cracking up at this point.

"Hi" Isaiah said in his very obviously NOT 17 year old voice as if he was confused.
"Are you 17 and live in the household?" she asked.
(he looked at us for the answer - we shook our heads no as I put my head back into my arms to laugh)
"No" he said slowly with big amused eyes.
"Which one, you're not 17 or you don't live in the household?"
(he whispered to us "Which one??" - in between laughs we told him "you're not 17")
"I'm not 17" he answered.
"Can I talk to someone who is 17 and lives in the household?"

After chasing Des around the table three times with the phone stretched out in front of him, trying to get her to take the phone and us cracking up in the background, he gave the phone to Asa who took it and said "Hi!"

I almost died.  Not only is Asa talking all of a sudden, but he was obviously even younger than the last "under 17 year old" she was on the phone with.

She starts asking in a firm voice "Are you 17 and do you live in the household?!" 
Asa says "Hi"  as he looks at the phone and it about as impressed with himself as he can be cause we're all laughing like crazy... even Sam was cracking up and he didn't even know what was going on!   She asked again... "Hi" he said as he giggled.  We were all laughing and I am positive that was not a secret.


I am STILL laughing over this one... "ummm... kind of ?"  haha, I can hardly stand it.  We weren't looking much like adults, but it was so fun.  Isaiah finally gave the phone back to Matt who told her he wasn't going to answer her questions because they really aren't any of her business and she got mad.  She said something about us ruining the chance of our state getting funding for immunizations if we didn't tell them how many kids we had under 4 and if they got immunized.  "And immunizations are important!"  He politely told her that our privacy is important and she should respect that and said "Bye bye." 

It was the hardest I have laughed in I don't know how long.  All 6 of us were laughing so hard it hurt... and I have to believe that Rachel was doing a special little dance along with us.  It was awesome.  And I don't even feel bad that we gave the poor poll lady just trying to make a paycheck a hard time.  That's what she gets for calling 1,000 times in 2 weeks and interrupting our Sunday Dinner.  :)  My only regret is that I don't have it on video... I hope I never forget the way it felt to laugh with my family like that tonight.  It was awesome.

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  1. This made me smile on a Monday morning that's been going a little rough. Thanks for sharing your smiles with me! I love it. I'll have to remember this the next time I get repeat offender! :D


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