Sunday, February 17, 2013


An updated belly shot of little E....
And what a surprise that my Christmas Cactus would be in full bloom today after the way the last couple of days have brought me down.... Flowers are pretty any day of the week, but today they were extra sweet to look at. And I'm not sure I've ever noticed how pretty these flowers are.  Each bloom appears to have two flowers in one, it's pretty unique.   Always perfect timing....I've been waiting for weeks.  And of course, just in time for our anniversary tomorrow... 7 years and 7 babies later, we're still growing in love.  Thank You Lord for the gift of marriage, babies, and Christmas Cactus blooms in February ♥ Rachel ♥

This morning consisted of a few complete emotional breakdowns... all at church... followed by a nice visit with a friend and her kids - we had 9 kids in our house and we still had plenty of time to chat because Matt hung with the kids so we could. 

Tonight, I talked to another friend for 3 hours on the phone.... yes, 3 hours straight.... and finally feel like I had the chance to run through what's going on in my mind and heart from all angles without being rushed or given a quick answer.  It's such a relief to feel heard and understood.  And I do finally feel like God is revealing a lot to me through the pain I'm feeling.  I would love it if He would find another way to work in me....  but I feel at peace tonight and I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do - about a few things.

Thank you for praying for me.... I can feel it. 

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