Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Mother's Day Cards

I only made a couple designs this time around, but tried to use language that would cover more bases - and for the people who requested I make some that say "child" instead of just "baby". 

I hope to do more next year, but this was what I could muster up with my energy level.... but I think they came out really nice.  And as usual, they are even more beautiful in person.... just like my girl.

Rachel Alice Aube & Restoring Aching Arms presents.... our 2013 Mother's Day Cards - in memory of my girl and for all my beautiful friends who I have met along the painful, yet amazing, journey of baby loss. 

As mother's day approaches, I want you to know that your babies and children are not - and will never be - forgotten.  Ever.

2013 Mother's Day Cards

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