Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Leaving Her Mark

I was asked to speak at a MOPS group in Dover this morning.  I talked about Rachel, with a focus on "Blessing in Obedience."  I felt completely inadequate for the talk - but in preparing for it, God stretched me.

Asa cried through half of my talk and I ended up nursing him while I spoke - but it didn't really phase any of us and I actually love that I have a baby to so inconvenience me :o)  He's not feeling well :o(

I just need to say that the group of women I was with are amazing.  I finally got to meet Laura (Lyndsay's Mama -blog on side) and there is nothing like being able to hug another mom who knows.  She lost her daughter when she was around 18 months old.  Her son was born the day before Rachel and I was watching him and looking at his cute little teeth wishing Rachel was running around with him.  The best part is I felt safe sharing my feelings about it with Laura - because she gets it.

They also spoiled me with some daisies and a gift card to a greenhouse (I had only met one of them before, but many of them have read my blog) and then they handed out daisy seed packets to everyone in Rachel's honor.  I couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting that at all!  I felt so loved - it was so thoughtful. ♥  Thanks, girls ♥

I left there and went to visit Rachel to give her some of the daisies.  Only seems right she should have some of them since me & her are a team.

I got home tonight and there was an email from a journalist who contacted me a couple of weeks back to ask a few questions about my journey with Rachel.  She wrote to tell me that some of Rachel's story will be in the May issue of a magazine she writes for.

I cried.  I'm so humbled at the idea of more people learning about my girl and how God is able to use even the weakest among us.  I'm so proud to be her mama.  And 'funny' how the article will be out just in time for Mother's Day ♥ She continues to be a gift to me.


  1. That makes my heart so happy to hear that you felt safe sharing. SO many have jumped at you. I want to cry to read that you were able to share and they remembered Rachel so sweetly.
    How is the run coming together?

  2. That is so amazing. God is so good to us. I am so glad that God is using you and you are allowing Him to do so by sharing your faith and Rachel's story.

  3. You've both left a permanent mark...on my heart. <3


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