Monday, March 25, 2013

Daisies for Dollars

A friend contacted me offering to do a fundraiser for Rachel....  She is a Lia Sophia consultant and the spring catalog has a daisy necklace and ring featured.  She said she set a goal of selling 43 pieces and would donate all proceeds to Rachel's Legacy.

Since we will not be doing her race - or any other big event this year - I have no income to do any of the ministries I had originally planned and hoped to do for others this year in her memory.   So, the timing of this offer is a huge blessing to my heart - For one, because I was feeling like everyone has forgotten her and like her memory was fading much too fast for me to handle.  And secondly, because if it goes well, it could help enormously in funding some of the simple things I would love to do this year to keep Rachel's memory alive, but can't do without income.  And the best part is it is without effort on my part.  Not to sound lazy, but I am so tired of having to pull everything together myself and just someone offering to do the work for me is something I am not used to - and really encourages me at this point in my journey.  Thank you Elisha...

I also really love the thought of seeing a lot of people wearing a 'Rachel symbol' - or giving them as gifts and telling the receiver about my little girl. Just the idea that people will be talking about her.... that when someone compliments the piece of jewelry, maybe Rachel's name will be spoken.... I don't know.....

Elisha also said that ANY purchase made with my name as 'hostess' will count towards the fundraiser so you don't have to pick a daisy item for the proceeds to go to Baby Rachel's Legacy, just specify my name as hostess and it will count.

I opened my facebook account again to help promote this fundraiser, thinking it was the best way to share it - but nothing has come from that, so I'm sharing it here too.   

Here is what she wrote:

Let's help Rachel continue to leave her legacy! Purchase a Lazy Daisy necklace and or ring before April 8th and I will donate the proceeds to Baby Rachel's Legacy.
Because daisies are one way in which Stacy is reminded of her precious girl,... my goal is to sell 43 daisy pieces - one for each minute she was here.
My name is Elisha, I met Stacy through her blog and have followed her journey and Rachel's journey from the beginning. I want to take the opportunity to show my support with a fundraiser and with all of your help I can!!
To place your order please visit My Page (HERE)  click on "browse jewelry" and type in "Stacy Aube" as hostess. The two fundraiser items are on page 32 D - the lazy daisy ring and necklace - in honor of Rachel and her legacy!!
Any questions please contact me at or 603-817-2308
Thank you so much!! I will try to keep an update on where we are at with our goal!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO BE AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO THE AUBE FAMILY!!!! (if you would rather have another piece instead the proceeds will still to go BRL)
This is what the set looks like.....   


  1. I just am coming across your blog from a friend via Facebook and though i cant afford to buy anything right now i just thought I'd say i am reading about Rachel and her memory is still alive. My heart breaks for you and both of you will be in my prayers!

    1. Thank you! That's more important to me than anything else!


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