Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Matt's Vacation

Matt was on vacation the week before last and we took some day trips.... have I mentioned I love homeschool?  Such a blessing to be able to make our own schedule with vacations and 'field trips'!  We had a busy, but simple week of FREE fun! 
A movie place,  Smitty's was having a "Mommy and Me" day where they show a free movie for moms (and dads on vacation!) and their kids.  Smitty's is cool cause you sit in these big comfy chairs around a table and you order food while watching the movie.  We got a sitter for Asa for this day so we could actually relax. (Thanks Millie!!)  Our food was the only cost and it was both Isaiah and Sam's first movie - Des' first since she was like 5 so it was fun.  It was also a stress free lunch out for Matt & I, which after I swore I'd never eat out again with these guys, was a blessing!
One of my blog followers in the manager of the new Pet Smart in our town.  She invited us to come in for a tour - they showed the kids all the animals, told them about how they are cared for, let them touch and hold them all (except the fish, which they got to feed!)  They also showed them the water filtration system out back - which is amazing!  And gave them a book to bring home.  It was fun and we were totally spoiled. 

A while into our visit, Matt said "Oh, they put flowers up for you"
I looked around - no idea what he was talking about....
Sue said "Yes, we decorated for you" and showed me their tanks are all numbered and this one....tank #43.... they put stickers on it for Rachel.  Yes, I cried.   I am so grateful for people who remember her... she was on my mind too!
Another day we went to check out the fish hatchery a couple towns away.  The kids were absolutely thrilled to see all the fish swimming so close to them.  There is a place we swim up in Maine that there are always schools of fish, but when you get close enough to see them, they swim away.  These fish couldn't! 
You are supposed to have to buy food to throw to them, but the guy gave us a big bucket with more than enough for us to feed them at each stop!  Again, we are SPOILED.  But I think it helps to have a van full of really cute kids... I mean, how could he resist them??
They gave us information on the kinds of fish and what lakes and ponds they raise them to bring them to.  They also gave us a card that shows all the different types of paw prints you might find in the wild and what they belong to - the boys are anxious to go bear hunting.....
Des & I had fun walking together behind all our boys...  she kept saying over and over how cute Asa was...  if only she knew he looks just like she did (except she had long hair by this age) when she was that old :)
Asa was running around like such a big boy - I swear he was wishing we didn't live in the city so he could run around in the mud more without worrying about cars.... or maybe that was just me.  Either way, he had a blast and didn't slow down for a minute!
And the best part of it all..... quality time with Daddy.  I'm so blessed to be the wife and mama to these beautiful people.  Thankful for all the time we get to spend together - it's such a gift.  And with each minute we do, I'm forever reminded of the little girl who taught me to cherish every moment, because you never know which one will be your last. 
And, it's no surprise, that just as we got to the end of our tour.... Isaiah yelled "Hey, there's a heart over there!"  I thought he was just talking about the shape of the water - but it was more than that... Not sure if you can see this in the picture, but in real life it was VERY obvious.... there was a heart in the middle of the water.  It doesn't surprise me that she'd show up on our family outing... she always does.


  1. I love how you are showing the world to your kids. There are so many wonderful things we can see on days like these.
    Ans it's not necessary to be rich or spend money on videogames. They'll remember these moments forever, I'm sure.

    You make me miss my mom. But in a sweet way. :)


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