Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sam's Birthday

Went to the Children's museum for Sam's bday.  He was so cute showing his fingers to everyone to tell them how old he is now.  It took a lot of concentration to make his fingers go to the new number.  We had fun, the place was empty which made it really easy for me being alone with all of them.  Asa of course, was the hardest... that boy is really giving me a run for my money! 

I wanted a picture of everyone and of course that makes me hate that Rachel isn't in them.  But we saw the daisies on the wall upstairs and sat there to include Rachel...

Later, we went to Chili's for dinner cause we had the "kids eat free coupons" and a gift card.  Matt spent half the time in the van trying to talk sense into a 16 month old who was freaking out because he wanted to go see the blue lights at the bar - and Sam ended up dropping his ice cream on the floor - which of course broke the glass bowl and caused some crying.  And that's just part of it. The non-stop screaming from Asa is what really did us (and everyone in the place) in.  The waitress brought us two bowls of cherries (I HATE reinforcing his bad behavior with something he likes!) to try to make him happy.  Really what he needed was discipline, but don't say that in public!  I have officially decided that we will not be going out to eat with the kids anymore.  Take out sounds much more enjoyable.  I actually packaged up the leftover ice cream into a kids cup and took it home where I finished it in the peace of my own home at 11 pm.  The older kids were perfect though... but unfortunately, it only takes one! :\

look at the sweet smile on my right.... and the grumpy boy on my left!!  That was our night!!
I'm thankful for the years we have had with Samuel... he continues to make us laugh and smile every day.  Not sure I've ever blogged this, but we almost lost him in early pregnancy.  They did an ultrasound after a huge amount of bleeding, thinking I had for sure miscarried.  They found his little heart beating - and a pool of blood next to his sac.  They called it a 'threatened miscarriage'.  That was a month after my other miscarriage so I thought I had lost another baby.  But nope, he was still with us - and I am eternally thankful.  It just reminds me of how blessed we are to be picking up glass off the floor at the restaurant as everyone around us wishes we would leave.  Still, next time, I'm ordering out and any screaming kids are going to bed!  AND I will serve the ice cream in plastic bowls... or heck, maybe we'll eat out of the carton.

Happy Birthday Sam.  Mama loves you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sam! Mine is tomorrow =)

  2. Happy belated birthday Samuel!
    And happy birthday France ;-)
    Love to all of you, anja

  3. Sam and Isaiah look EXACTLY like Matt in this picture!!! We get take out instead of going to restaurants as well to avoid "entertaining" the whole restaurant with our brood!


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