Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Belly Shot

Finally, a belly shot... I'm sad to say this is the first pic I've done since I've been pregnant with this little guy.  I usually am a week to week girl when it comes to watching my babies grow.  Minus Des of course, cause they don't let you use a camera in jail...I was 5 months when I got my first pic of her.  So anyway, here it is...

As you can see the daisies I got for Rachel's 6 month bday are still beautiful!
And, a pic from last night... on our way out for our date :o)

Hope you're all having a good weekend.


  1. Beautiful! You look so great!
    Hugs, anja

  2. You are so beautiful pregnant! I love that belly. Give it a rub for me, and I hope you enjoyed your date!

  3. Stacey~
    Beautiful, just beautiful. Glad you had a chance to have a date! :) Glad we got to see the baby belly growing. It is such a blessing. Praying faithfully still for you all....not a day goes by that you are not loved and prayed for! Hope you and your beautiful family have a great weekend also! :)

  4. i'm loving ur thirty~one gifts tote! so glad you two got out for a date! i KNOW how important this is for SAHM's!!! i tell my kiddos that my brain is tired and needs a break. ur baby belly is adorable btw.

  5. You look so great Stacy. Hope you had fun on your date. It's nice to get out away from the kids and have some adult conversation :). Praying for you all each day. Keep the belly pictures coming!

  6. You are SO cute! Hope you had a nice date! Can't see your shoes in this pic so I was wondering if you took some fashion advice from you son and wore the latest...pullup sandals!?! ;)

  7. Looking good - looking good! What a cute little baby belly!


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