Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our God is Good

Had to post this real quick, too... I know it's not Friday, I'm a rebel :o)  But I've already worked on my book today :o)

I blogged last week about how God had comforted me through the song I found in my desk as I cleaned.  (See post below if you didn't read it.)  It was the song "Good to Me" and the timing of me coming across that paper was perfect.

Matt goes to first service at church without us cause he teaches (I took this year off) and then we all go to 2nd service together.  I was still laying on the couch with Asa when he was leaving. 

"Tell me if they play that song" I said as he kissed my forehead.  "I have a feeling they will." 

I'm sure you've caught onto how often God uses music to speak to my heart - and there are so many times that we end up singing songs on Sundays when the timing is unbelievable for something that had happened that week.  Even things like singing a song from her funeral on her birthday....some times it brings me serious pain, but even in the pain, I'm thankful to have the reminder of her - and that God hasn't forgotten me.

Matt said ok as he headed out, but since I don't usually share these things with him ahead of time (I'm always trying to tell him this stuff AFTER the 'coincidence' happens and he's never overly impressed)  I know he didn't really think much of it.  Nothing compares to the smile on his face when he came home to get us between services (still sharing a vehicle...) and said "They played the song!" and on top of that, he was "late" and it started playing as soon as he walked in.

We got there late for 2nd service so I missed it, but as we sat down, they started playing "I will Rise"

Jesus has overcome - and the grave is overwhelmed,
the vicoty is won, He has risen from the dead...
And I hear the voice of many angels sing worthy is the Lamb....
I hear the cry of every longing heart, worthy is the Lamb

I've blogged about this one before and how I think of Rachel singing praises to God in heaven when I sing this.  Today though, probably a result of what God has been doing in my heart these past two weeks, I felt like I was singing WITH her.... it's the cry of my longing heart - my comfort through this horrible trial - He is worthy... I know she's singing it there...and I'm thankful that I'm singing it here - wholeheartedly.

I was just writing in my book about the day I found out I was pregnant with Rachel... shortly after I had the 2 pink lines, Matt & I (we were at a conference) had to go our separate ways because they were having a different speaker for the men and women.  I rubbed my belly and the first words I ever spoke to her were "Looks like it's you and me, little baby...I'm so glad you're mine"

Today, as she worshipped in heaven and I worshipped here, I felt heaven and earth become one and my soul spoke these words in her direction "It's still you & me girl, I'm so glad you're mine"

There is a piece of me in heaven.  Our bond will never be broken.  She is such a blessing....and our God?
Our God is GOOD!


  1. God uses music to speak to my soul too, I loooove to worship Him through song. Yesterday at church, I lead/sang for the first time in a very long time, since earlier in my pregnancy with Seb. I was a little late and my friend had picked some songs. I practiced them, and it wasn't until we were singing in church (yep, me up the front!) that I really read the words of the song... it was 'This is How we Overcome' by Hillsong - do you know it?
    Your light broke through my night,
    restored exceeding joy.
    Your grace fell like the rain,
    and made this desert live.

    You have turned my mourning into dancing,
    You have turned my sorrow into joy.

    Your hand lifted me up,
    I stand on higher ground.
    Your praise rose in my heart,
    and made this valley sing.

    You have turned my mourning into dancing,
    You have turned my sorrow into joy.

    This is how we overcome.
    This is how we overcome.
    This is how we overcome.
    This is how we overcome.

    And suddenly I read what I was singing - You have turned my mourning into dancing, You have turned my sorrow into joy!
    And yep, I lost it. Right at the front of the church. Awesome. lol.

  2. Awww, such a beautiful post Stacy! She IS yours and always will be!!! I'm so glad God made you feel one with her through this song! I feel so much closer to God through music also! Love it! It is so cool how He orchestrates it all! He is Good!!! You are right! Love you and praying for you! xo


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