Sunday, January 22, 2012


All I can say is Thank You Jesus that I am serious about what I take while nursing - My knee was feeling better yesterday and then today got WAY worse.  I think because I was out and about today, but I just went on line to look up the prescription that they gave me at the ER the other night to see if maybe I should just fill it anyway and take it cause I'm getting desperate for some relief.  And, are you ready for this?  It says not to take it if you are allergic to sulfa drugs.... which by the way I AM and I TOLD THEM - and they WROTE DOWN.  Apparently the doctor didn't read that part of my chart.  Funny they knew I was an "alcoholic patient" but not "allergic to sulfa drugs"  Focus on the wrong thing much?  Can't seem to figure out why I don't trust doctors.........  wow.

Love my baby boy ♥


  1. God is watching out for you!


  2. Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? They could treat your knee pain free of medicine and then you wouldn't have any allergy or nursing risks. Look for a chiropractor who specializes in sports injury. If you can, get a good reference from someone you trust, chiropractors can be extremely different from one another. I work for a chiropractor who specializes in sports injury, so that was my first thought. If you want to e-mail me some more details about the pain you're experiencing I could ask for a free consult for you. He wouldn't be able to treat you because he's in Texas, but it could help you determine what's going on?? Praise God that you waited and checked into it first!


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