Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rachel's Yard Sale!

Are you ready for this??!!

I wanted to give you the follow up for how the yard sale went. Last night at 6:30, Matt told me he had to work today.  I ended up meeting Megan there at 6am and went home to get the kids so Matt could leave for work and then went back with them around 9am.  They did great and Tara watched them out back for me.
We had people stopping at 6:05 am trying to shop!  I made them all wait (my marketing scheme to create a sense of urgency) :o)  and when we opened up, it was a mob scene for hours straight!  It was very cold today so I just looked up the temp so I could tell you and it was....♥43♥ degrees...  a good number in my book, but really cold for a yard sale!

Along with Megan & I were:  Karen, Donna, Denise, Sylvia, Amanda, Tara, Melissa S and Niki. We received a TON of great donations from people at Grace (our church) as well as the parents at Megan's Daycare Center, which is where we had the sale.
Me, Des, Isaiah, Donna & Megan

We made $765.10 today!! And that is not including the 15% that one of the Daycare parents will be giving us off the total orders she received on the "Thirty-One" bags she sells.  We are now just a few hundred away from what we need.  Praise God!

The rain held off and the day was a lot of fun. It was my pleasure to share and hear others share with people about why we were having the yard sale - and about the little girl who inspired me to hope. We had one lady buy $7 in items and gave us $100 and said keep the rest. Rachel's life continues to touch people's hearts in a way that brings healing to mine like no other.

Rachel's Display - We actually had quite a few donations
and some possible volunteers for the build day!
The cards in the front got mailed out to our entire congregation (475)
and to our family & friends

Everyone said this hat wouldn't sell, so Donna bought it...
When she left, she donated it back and it sold again!!

Amanda working the "register"

Des & Isaiah eating their hot dogs

This morning at 5:30 while I drove to start working, I thought to myself... There aren't many things that can get me out of bed at this time with a positive attitude.  I thought about how many things I have been able to do with and for Rachel.  The way just knowing her has given me a drive to accomplish so much in her honor.  I came over the hill and there was a pretty pink strip along the horizon.  Just like my girl... a little bit of pink on my horizon...  I looked away for a second and when I looked back, it was gone.  Just like my girl... here and gone before I knew it.  

Towards the end of the yard sale, I had Samuel stand in front of the table so I could take a picture.  As I snapped it I noticed something that I hadn't noticed before.  Samuel got his sweater as a Christmas present from Memere & Pepere Aube...  I have not once paid attention to what it says, but it happens to have a very important number on it...

Rachel's big brother, Sam :o)
(Sylvia in the background) 
I yelled out... Oh my gosh, his shirt says 43! and everyone stopped to look.  I always thought Rachel would live longer.  I never imagined I would be counting minutes...  but those 43 minutes changed the world forever.

I miss my baby.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated your items and especially your time to help make this yard sale a huge success! 

With Love & Endless Hope,
Stacy & Rachel ♥


  1. So awesome! All of it! From Isaiah's shirt to how much you sold, to people giving more than the amount the items cost. God is so good! :) So excited to see how He continues to provide in the little and the big things!
    Love and prayers,
    Carrie :)

  2. Praise God for His enduring faithfulness and love! Rachel's life is indeed leaving a beautiful legacy.



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