Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone who placed a bulb order for Rachel's Playground.  The fundraiser was a huge success.  These people purchased $1470 in flowers and raised $735 for Rachel's Playground!!  Thank you all for your love!  I know you could have bought bulbs from anywhere and that considering the ground is still all snowy, you're not thinking about planting flowers right now!  I am honored that you want to support us and plant flowers in Rachel's memory...I hope to see pictures of your flowers when they come up!   I hate when I don't send out thank you's because this deserves a "thank you", but I am stretched so thin right now, I'm cheating and doing them all at once! :o)  Thank you!!

Anne A.
Melissa B.
Meagan M. (my sister)
Niki H.
Nicole O.
Sarah L.
Jean P.
Melissa S.
Donna W.
Melissa C.
Melissa P.
Mary B.
Kathleen G. (aunt)
Misty A.
Kathryn C.
Josephine M. 
Kathy F. 
Kelli (From Learning Structures!)
Megan O. 
Me :o) 
Brandon M. 
Stephanie M.
Cheryl G.
Becky H. 
Rachel P. (mom) 
Judy R 
Lauren P. 
Bridget R.
Kathy B.
Denise S.
Belinda L.
Karen M.
Jill H.
Linda B.
Christina L.
Trina C.
Cindy B.
Alice G.
Valerie J.
Christine D.
Vicki P.
Nancy S.
Tienne W.
Terri T.
Cheryl H.

With all my love and endless hope!
Stacy & Rachel <3

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