Friday, October 28, 2011

I Can Handle This

I got through our photos last night....made it to another Friday at the Rachel's tulips for the spring in the ground by her stone (and some in my Uncle & Nana's grave too)... and am going to eat dinner (if my last freezer meal that I put in too late ever cooks through!) and then I'm off to work on her scrapbook. 

I was too lazy to take off my make up last night (before Rachel, this NEVER happened!! I always wash my face before bed and for good reason!) and ended up with a HUGE zit on my face today, I got pulled over for not having my stickers on my plates - the nice cop put them on for me.  (I'm not sure if he was just really nice or felt bad for me when he saw my black mascara smudged all over my face and Isaiah still wearing PJ's at noon) Sam refused to nap again and ruined my plan of an afternoon nap, I just discovered my first stretch marks ever and after 4 other full term babies I thought I had excaped them.  I have so much to do and figure out that just thinking about it makes my head spin.  My back pain has me walking like I'm in my 90's - and you should have seen me try to stand up after being on my hands and knees in the cemetery.

I'm tired, I'm grumpy, I'm REALLY not impressed with this snow (we're supposed to get a storm tomorrow too!) or the gross Halloween stuff I've had to look at all over the place.  I didn't like it before, but when your baby is in the ground in a graveyard, it kind of makes your stomach turn to see people making skeletons and graveyards in their front yards as decorations.  There are caskets, dead people, skeletons all through our neighborhood and towns and people have a bunch of reasons why they find this enjoyable, but I'd rather skip the evil stuff and buy a bunch of candy myself.  Call me the party pooper.  My kids unfortunately have to be subjected to it too, which since they also have a sister in the ground, isn't any more fun for them.  And I'm 100% ready to have this baby any time, but it appears that he's comfortable in there and isn't coming as soon as I would like - and while he's there, he's going to also ruin my skin and give me horrible indigestion that I actually choke on while I'm trying to sleep at night...ugh. 

But I'm pushing through.....and have certainly experienced much worse than this, so I'll take it.  I'm still at 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I'm still carrying a live, healthy baby.  I can handle this.  This is easy.  Today was good.


  1. I hate those Halloween decorations too! Ugh! It's not funny. And I have lots of stretch marks from Sadie Mae. I hate them as well...

  2. You can make it, friend! It's certainly not easy being 37 weeks 2 days pregnant (I'm exactly the same as days and weeks as you) especially with all the tragedy we've been through in the past year, but we do have healthy babies in our bellies, and that is enough to be grateful for. Thinking of you and praying!

  3. All the best to you! I hope your VBAC and everything else will go well. You're such an amazing and strong woman, Stacy.



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