Sunday, October 23, 2011

Need Prayer

Today was extremely hard for me physically.  I have been in a ton of pain every night for weeks (mostly in my back), but usually feel better during the day. So, while I may not be sleeping very good, I am still able to function during the day.  Yesterday, after doing 'too much' (which wasn't a lot!) in the morning, I started having trouble walking without hurting.  Today, I didn't do anything but get up and I was in pain - it was taking my breath away it hurt so bad.  In comparison to what I went through during my pregnancy with Rachel, it doesn't compare - this is easy... but the reality is comparing any kind of pain never made anyone hurt less just because something else hurt more.

Ugh... what am I trying to say...??  Basically, I'm desperate for prayer.  I am already totally worn out and being in pain wears on my emotional state too.  Please pray for the remainder of this pregnancy to go well and for my pain to be relieved, at least some.  I know the end of a pregnancy is always uncomfortable, but I need to be able to take care of the 3 children I have here with me and my house - and preparation for a baby takes effort and energy.  There is SO much to be done around here and I can't keep up.  And of course, everyone else who lives here is oblivious to it all. 

I went to buy some bulbs today that I want to plant at Rachel's grave and my Nana & Uncle's grave (they share one) before it's too late in the season to plant them.  I managed to get in and out of Walmart with the bulbs and then I stopped at Home Depot to get a bulb digger.  I was in each store for very minimal time, yet when I got out of home depot, I just couldn't get myself to go do the planting.  I was having a hard time walking and even sitting in the van hurt.  There was NO way I was getting on my hands & knees - not if I expected to get back up anyway!  And so I had to come home without getting it done.  I was heartbroken, but I had reached my limit.  Hopefully, I can make it happen on Friday. 

I'll be 37 weeks on Wednesday, so although I really think I'm going to have this baby on the 10th or 11th, I'm hoping for earlier.  Anytime after 38 weeks is fine by me, if you want to add that to your prayers, too :o)


  1. Its only moments since you posted I hope you are feeling some relief.I will have you on my prayer list and make some phone calls.Its a honor to pray for you .Prayers are my favorite time to spend time with the Lord.Please post about you and the baby I would like to know. LOVE AND PRAYERS,DAWNJAY

  2. I said a prayer as soon as I read this and will also do so tonight before my head hits the pillow. I know that feeling of wanting things in place at home and I hope you know you can call me and I'd be more than happy to lend a hand.

  3. Praying for you! Hope you get some relief, even if temporarily, or that you have this little guy sooner than later.



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