Thursday, October 13, 2011

Special Delivery!

Matt got out of work early yesterday and wanted to go pick some pumpkins with the kids.  We got there and they had a pile in front that were $2.50 each, but they were little.  We asked the price and he said $.50 per pound.  So, we ventured off down to the pumpkin patch and picked the best of the small pumpkins down there.  The kids each got their own and we got one for Rachel and one for Asa, which made me smile.  The kids had fun and I managed to walk the trip without too much discomfort.

We got up to the store to pay and he said there was a $2.50 minimum even though our pumpkins didn't weigh nearly that. Suddenly it made sense why the tiny ones were that price, but it would have been nice to know because we had no intentions on spending that much on pumpkins, which is why we picked smaller ones.  We reluctantly decided that we would have to get something for Rachel and Asa later and left theirs there and just bought 3 for the kids.  I was disappointed the whole way home, but tried to talk myself out of it.  I decided I would just go to Walmart on the way to music lessons and get two of the little $.79 ones they had there.  It's what I originally wanted to do anyway, but part of what you pay for at the farm is the experience.

We pulled into the driveway and there were bags hanging from our doorknob.  Through them, I could see what I thought to be peppers.  And then I realized they were little pumpkins!  I knew right away they were from Cyndie because the other bag had fruit in it and she's always spoiling us with fruit.  I didn't even need to count the pumpkins and I knew there were 5 of them.... and that there were.... one for each of my sweet children. 

Just when I thought I was settling for "less", I got more :o)  God is so good.  Thanks, Cyndie!

I set my pumpkins up and took a walk around the front of the house where I found, yet another, single *late* blooming daisy...  My daisies all died months ago... but this one plant (which did the worst all season long) has managed to bloom just one at a time twice now - long after it should be blooming at all.  I just can't help but think it's God's way of telling me Rachel is alive and well.  He certainly knows I'll notice it.

And then I came inside to find that my Infant Loss Awareness Pin had come in the mail.  I won it on Holly's blog and was so excited to get it just in time for Infant loss Awareness Day, which is on Saturday.  I never win anything and I really wanted one of these pins....  And it's all mine :o)  Thanks Holly!
So many special deliveries in one day...  I feel very blessed that God cares about these little details of my life enough to show me.  Little, insignificant me and my pumpkin dilemma...  nothing is too big or too small for Him.


  1. Ooh I really love seeing all these posts about pumpkins and pumpkin farms coming into the holiday season for you all there. We don't do anything like that here in Australia - the pumpkins I mean - or even Thanksgiving for that matter.
    You are so loved and cherished Stacy - and Rachel - and God knows exactly when you need a little special delivery.
    I won one of Holly's ribbons too - pity it won't reach me here in Aust in time for Infant loss awareness day tomorrow, but still, I will love it. They are so gorgeous.

  2. God brings us things at the right moment! Glad He brought you your pin in time! :)

  3. <3 for Des, <3 for Isaiah, <3 for Samuel, <3 for Rachel and <3 for Asa!

    BIG hugs for you Stacy and a kudos to Cyndie! =)

  4. Love! :) Love the pics of the kids! Love that you have 5 pumpkins for your 5 precious children. God is so good! Hugs!


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