Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Laughing Mess

Yesterday afternoon I slipped on a comb that was on the floor and practically did a split.  OK, I'm way too old and out of shape for that.  Within a half hour, I was in so much pain I could hardly walk.  I didn't know if it was an injury from the stinkin' comb or if Asa was just moving down.  I called the doctor, and his advice was drive back to Maine or go to the local ER, neither of which I was up for so I waited it out.   I slept on the couch cause I couldn't lift my feet enough to do the stairs.  I fully expected to wake up this morning in more pain, but I actually felt better... a lot better.

That should sound like good news, but what that said to me was that I probably wasn't in pain from slipping or it would still hurt, it must have been Asa getting lower and he must have gone back up!  Is this kid ever coming out??  I saw how comfy he looked in there and I'm beginning to wonder if he's just so smart that he knows it's better in there than out here.

By 8:30 this morning, I started crying.  It started because I bent down to clean another random place (been doing that a lot these days) and could NOT get back up.  Desirae had to help me.  Once the tears started, there was no stopping them.  I was still crying an hour later.  My thought process went like this:

I've never been this weak.  2 pregnancies in a row with extra weight has kicked my butt.  I can't even stand up on my own.  And I'm not having any contractions still.  What if he comes 10 days late?  How am I supposed to do everything I need to do?  What if the reason this isn't going anything like my other pregnancies and labors is because I'm supposed to have a c-section cause something's going to go wrong during my vbac? and on and on and on.....

It came time to go to church and I was still not showered and still crying over everything so I decided to stay home.  Matt took the kids and as he was on his way out, I tried to look for the Pledge so I could dust Rachel's Hope chest.  The tub of cleaning supplies was piled high in a huge mess.  Before I knew it, I had dumped the entire thing on the floor and started cleaning under the sink. He left saying "oh, honey" while looking at me with a concerned look.  We keep our trash under there (and I don't do trash) so I'm not sure it's ever been cleaned to the extent I cleaned it this morning.  But man, does it look good - and it smells good too!

I was definitely nesting today - cleaning and dusting and organizing and throwing out junk.  I am exhausted, but it feels great to have it done.  Unfortunately, through it all, I was still feeling really discouraged.  That's when I decided to open a package that has been waiting to be opened all week.

I ordered Sam a Shaun the Sheep doll for Christmas off Ebay- He loves Shaun the Sheep and if you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend you look it up... love that show.  The package came early this week, but it was shipped directly from China, which I wasn't expecting.  With all the hype about stuff coming from China, I got nervous to open it. (I know, it's silly)  and today, I decided to go for it. 

I opened it up and looked at it.  Shaun had a big fluffy white patch on his chin and a bald head.  I got irritated... that's not what he looks like.  and then I looked down and saw the tail coming out his stomach. I thought - oh my gosh, they obviously have no idea what Shaun looks like and they either sewed a boy part on him or his head on backwards - and I've apparently been ripped off.

And then I turned him around and flipped his head over....

I started cracking up.  I guess he was packed with his head in the wrong direction and so it wants to flop over backwards - but I stood here with my puffy eyes laughing out loud all alone.  See how dangerous pre-conceived notions are?  But that's okay because I totally needed that laugh this morning.  Even if I did look really crazy in the process.  I'm just thankful I figured it out before I complained to the seller - and that nobody was here to witness it :o)


  1. Little things can be so powerful. :) Glad you're enjoying the little moments of life... they are what stick with you.

    Praying for a quick and safe arrival for Asa!


  2. Glad you were able to get so much done today, but I did miss your beautiful face at church. Love the lamb and the laughs. :)

  3. Kudos to Shaun for making you laugh! BIG hugs, my sweet!

  4. Hi Stacy,
    I'm so glad for this moment of laughter in your life right now! So funny! :) I had moments like this in my pregnancy too. Thank you for sharing. <3

  5. LOL.....I'm glad that you got a great laugh after that crying cleanse you did. :) Praying for you still.....hang in there. Almost there! Love, hugs, and prayers! xo

  6. Omgosh! I've been checking your blog like 3x a day seeing if you're in labor! Any news? Any contractions? I can't wait any longer! :)


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