Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still Changing the World

Matt & I went to the Options for Women Banquet on Friday night.  It was nice to have a "date" - probably the last outing alone before Asa arrives.  I didn't feel like going at all, but I actually felt pretty good most of the night, other than the fact that my feet are so swollen that my shoes felt really tight. 

I was, as usual, surprised by the number of people who approached me about the fact that they read my blog.  I am always so blessed to hear them share how Rachel changed their lives and how they have shared her and my blog with others - almost always accompanied by tears.  It kind of stings at the same time cause these stories wouldn't exist without her death.  I'd rather have been sitting there holding her in my lap.  But there's really no room on my lap right now.  My heart has plenty of space for her (although I admit at times I wonder if I can really hold all of that love without exploding) and that's where she'll always be.

I was caught off guard when Margery started talking about a couple that she needed to thank.  I had no idea she was referring to us until she said Rachel's name.  I immediately started welling up in my eyes and within seconds, tears were flowing and my face was beat red.  (I'm assuming, because I was practically holding my breath and got really hot in my face, I didn't actually pull a mirror out to check :o) )  I was trying not to have a complete meltdown in front of 350 people.  funny, since I do it regularly on my blog!

She went on to talk about the new Perinatal Hospice Program they're starting.  She told them about the doctors and nurses that are coming to a training they are hosting on November 29 (just a few days before Rachel's first birthday!  I can hardly believe all the things that have happened because of her in just one year!) and how the doctors will be trained how to talk with women who receive a poor prenatal diagnosis and then refer them to Options so they can support them in carrying to term, or whenever God chooses to take the baby home.  She thanked us for doing Rachel's Race this summer (We donated $9,200 to them for the new program in Rachel's honor thanks to local businesses, friends and family!).

And then she said "And all because of one baby who lived for 43 minutes on this earth after birth"

My sweet Rachel Alice... I'm so honored to be your Mama.  I praise Jesus for giving me what I needed to accomplish what your life gave me the determination to do.... bless others in your honor and for His glory.  You're still changing the world.

A couple of pics from Friday:


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  2. I'm have no doubt that Rachel is looking down on you from heaven while dancing in circles singing "That's my sweet momma and I'm so proud of her! She's so amazing and so beautiful!"

    BIG hugs, my sweet!

    (If you see I removed my first comment it's 'cause I had a typo that I only noticed after posting it! =O Being the perfectionist that I am I had to fix it. =)

  3. Rachel's story is sad but at the same time it's just amazing how God changes the world through your little beautiful girl! <3
    And wow Stacy, you and Asa look beautiful too!
    Hugs and love, anja

  4. You look beautiful! =)

    What a sweet story of Rachel's legacy .... so glad that her 9 months & 43 minutes are still changing the world!

    Blessings! Xo

  5. And she's going to keep changing hearts and the world. That's the power of love and of Jesus. What a miracle her life was!!

    And you look gorgeous hun!!

    Nat xx

  6. I love your baby belly! It is so big! :) I am praying still that all goes well! Love and hugs.


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