Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Opinions are like....

And my latest comment on my video of Rachel...

"why would you give birth just to have the poor child die? You knew it was going to. to go through all this in the name of God is disturbing, and turning tragedy into a spectacle of your faith is wrong. let the pregnancy be terminated, if God decides who lives and dies then he should have given the baby a brain in the first place so it could live. the only "miracle" is people like you are so delusional as to turn a tragedy into such exploitation to prove to the world you are "Godly" Matthew 23:12"

Yes, this crazy man/woman actually tried to use scripture to tell me that it was wrong to let my daughter live, saying that I was just trying to prove my 'godliness'. 

People are nuts.  And I guess I got my answer on her video.  I've made it "unlisted" which is supposed to mean that you can view it with the link (hopefully from my blog) and not on You Tube itself.  Someone want to try it out and let me know if it's working on my blog but not on You Tube?

I've had close to 1200 views this week alone on it and had decided that for all the people who watch and are touched by it, it was worth the few stupid comments I get, but at this point I feel like I need to protect her from other peoples' harsh judgement.  I'm glad that I don't hear these things and actually internalize them, (I know they are all wrong and just dumb) but right now - with how I've been feeling (a whole other post) and my hormones, I'd like to tell the guy where to stick it.  And yes, that was as nice of a way as I could possibly put that - you know, to prove how Godly I am, I didn't say what I really want to say about the loser with too much time on his hands. Besides the fact that he appears to be missing his brain and God has let him live... If I keep talking, you might hear the sailor in me come out, so I'm gonna stop there.


  1. "Besides the fact that he appears to be missing his brain and God has let him live... If I keep talking, you might hear the sailor in me come out, so I'm gonna stop there."

    You make me smile.
    All I can say is I love you......

  2. The same sailor in me is bubbling to the surface. Makes me so angry. Obviously no brain there. Or no compassion anyway.
    You are amazing. I probably would have let rip on him/her.

  3. Dear Stacy,

    congratulations for Asa's birth, I am so happy for you, what a beautiful family you have!

    I´ve also received terrible offensive comments on You Tube and finnaly found out it is possible to not allow comments for Vitoria´s videos and no comments also on you tube's page. I received many amazing messages of love and courage there, but somedays only one dumb comment made me really sad and upset... and I also realized I had to protect my heart and my little girl from this kind of people.

    Rachel's blog is so beautiful and inspired, and a blessing for so many families.
    With love


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