Friday, November 16, 2012

17 Days to Go, So Much to Do

I've been so busy...  and my heart still finds time to hurt.  I've heard many people talk about how it's unhealthy to dive into projects and 'avoid my feelings'.  Ironically, they are usually the same people who think grief ends fairly quickly if you're doing things right. And I've never actually felt any of my pain lift from being active in Rachel's Legacy.  I've learned I will never win the acceptance of everyone and so I do what my heart needs and don't over analyze it.  Whether that means I jump into big project after big project in Rachel's memory or want to stay home when others think getting out would be more healthy... or godly... or whatever....  I've never found forcing myself to socialize any more helpful than I have found doing things to bless others in Rachel's memory harmful.  I know people make these judgements because they want me to be 'better' and if they have a solution, they feel less helpless.  I've learned it's okay to be helpless.... it reminds us how much we need God.  Be helpless with me, it's okay - and I'd venture to say, even 'better'!

I am who I am and I do what I do...  guided by God, inspired by Rachel... with a daughter's desire for the approval of my Father in heaven and a mother's heart to love my child.  I've never been good at faking anything - what you see is what you get. 

So, fear not when I tell you that I am (have been!!) diving into another big project.... but it's top secret, so I can't tell you.  I do, however, desperately need your prayers.  I am working against the clock to get it going by her birthday.  And her birthday approaching has me very emotional already.  I hate that she's gone no less than I did 2 years ago.

On a lighter note, I have the update for her birthday puzzle!  17 days and 44 pieces to go!  Please join us in rebuilding her puzzle!!  You can purchase your piece(s) by using the donate button on the right side of my blog (specify if you want them in memory of someone in the comment area of Paypal) or by sending a check to

Baby Rachel's Legacy
PO Box 454
Rochester NH 03866-0454

(In case you are wondering what this is all about, the puzzle piece fundraiser is to raise money to pay for our 501c3 application that we need for Baby Rachel's Legacy Non-Profit Organization.) 

Please also remember my request to send along a note of how Rachel affected your (or someone you know) life.... I've been checking the PO box almost every day and it's always empty :o(  no pressure :o)  I'd love to read them at her birthday - not only is it good for my heart, but it gives us something to do.  A birthday party without the birthday girl can be hard.  If it's easier, you can email it or message me on facebook.  Thanks ♥  Last year we asked people to share, but without prior time to think about it, nobody did.  I thought this would work better.

Here is the update for the puzzle!!  We're over half way now!

Week One:

1. Jason Corbett ♥
2. Elizabeth Corbett
3. Sebby Mardon ♥
4. Donna Wynot
5. Donna Wynot
6. Donna Wynot
7. Donna Wynot
8. Donna Wynot
9. Jennifer Tate
10. Jennifer Tate
11. Alisha Guilmette
12. Nicole Caviris
13. 'Litte One' ♥
14. The Meehans
15. Cindy Winden
16. Cindy Winden

Week Two:

17. Hope McKeen ♥
18. Cyndie Paraski
19. Cyndie Paraski
20. Lynda Snelson ("in memory of Rachel") ♥
21. Baby String ♥
22. Kim Carnevale
23. Nate Carnevale

Week Three:

24. "A friend"
25. "A friend"
26. In memory of Jordan, Christian & Hayden ♥ ♥ ♥
27. "A friend"
28. "A friend"
29. "A friend"
30. "A friend"
31. "A friend"
32. "A friend"
33. "A friend"
34. "A friend"
35. Anne Alix
36. Chris Alix
37. Isabelle Alix
38. Rose J. Alix ♥
39. Matthew Alix
40. Derrick Marsh
41. Erin Thompson
42. Karla Dillon

43. Rachel Alice Aube ♥

44. Scott Dillon
45. Caroline Dillon
46. Cameron Dillon

Week Four:

47. Frank & Chris Napolitano
48. Jim & Alyssa Hermonal
49. Emilie Sargent
50. Andrew Sargent
51. Jonathan Sargent
52. Lauren Sargent
53. Lucas Sargent
54. Alicia Capello
55. Alicia Capello
56. Elias Barnes ♥
57. Nancy Schuck
58. The Hampton Girls (in memory of Rachel) ♥
59. Jill Hampton (in memory of Corey Hampton)
60. Abi Hampton (in memory of her Daddy, Corey Hampton)
61. Ali Hampton (in memory of her Daddy, Corey Hampton)
62. John & Terri Trepanier
63. John & Terri Trepanier
64. Andrew & Christina Trepanier
65. Michael Trepanier & Christina Gray

These donations have been made from all over... NH, CA, OH, ME, NJ and even Austrailia and New Zealand! The ♥'s represent pieces purchased in memory of babies.  Thank you all so so much!

Rachel Alice, you are so loved

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