Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Best Is Yet To Be

Holy Moly, I've been emotional lately.  November is hard for me.  Probably always will be.  It's impossible for me to be in this month and not remember what November held for me with Rachel....

Sweet memories, so many tears, Hope, hurt, blessings and trials.  But she was alive and I didn't know how short it would be.  I miss those days.

If you've been with me a while, you may remember the post I did on me & Matt's 5th anniversary.  If not, you should read it HERE.  It's an amazing story of God's redemption in our lives.  Of course, that was back when Blogger allowed us to play music (still mad about this one!!) so I mention 'our soundtrack' because I had all songs from our wedding playing while we were gone that weekend on our gifted vacation.  I write on that post that "Grow old along with me" was a song I walked down the isle to, but that I couldn't get myself to play it since Rachel didn't grow old with us.  It was the only song I didn't add that day.

I also have this quote hanging in two different places in my house.  One of them has dandelions on it and I usually get sad when I look at it cause dandelions remind me of her and I think about how she didn't grow with us.  Every where I look, it's just the first part.... grow old along with me.

Do you know how the song goes?  "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"

So, Sunday I was given a gift from my friend Alyssa.  I waited until after church to open it....

And when I did, I started crying. 

It's perfect.  Yes, I am missing her growing old with us - because guess what?  She's not being affected by sin along with us!  The best is YET to be.  And on this cold November day, I'm so thankful for that promise.

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