Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Nominate....

I just got the sweetest email from my friend Karla, who is one of the ladies helping me with Rachel's Race this year, telling me that she nominated me for an award. It says to "nominate a lady who undertakes acts of selflessness and generosity that -- in small and large ways -- change the world."  I was already in tears when I read that - regardless of whether or not I could even win - because to see that someone thinks this of me is humbling and such an honor.  But, if I was chosen as winner, my "cause" (Baby Rachel's Legacy) would get $10,000!  That would be UNREAL.  I could almost feel how amazing it would feel to give that away in Rachel's memory....

So, I just clicked the link  she sent me to see what they ask and when I got to the end, where they ask you to put a picture of the nominee if you have one, I wanted to put one of Rachel....so then I thought "Hey, I'll nominate Rachel... she changes the world" and then I wondered (and I'm talking it was a real part of my thought process)  if you have to be alive to win.... I suppose so, huh? 

It's those moments when I realize how harsh my reality is. 

I wouldn't have a shot at winning if I was up against my girl anyway....


  1. Congrats on the nomination honey - I think you -and your girl- are very deserving to win!

  2. Where do we cast our vote for you?! Cause in my book you deserve to win too!

  3. Oh my friend I'm standing in my kitchen bawling my eyes out.
    I wish this was all different..so very badly.
    You've done such an amazing job as Rachel's Mama.
    I hope you and your girl win!!!

  4. I hope you & Rachel win!! Can the public vote? If so, give us the link!!

  5. You are Rachel get my vote, hands down. Let me know where we can vote x 8 over here! :)


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