Thursday, April 19, 2012


This Saturday I have organized a maintenance day for Rachel's Playground.  We need to put the second coat of sealant on the entire structure and the fence (should have happened last year!) and spread some more ground cover. 
The forecast is calling for rain in the afternoon, which means time is not our friend and we will need to work very quickly to get it done.  I believe it can happen (yes, I've been accused of being an over-achiever before!) but if you aren't planning on coming and say, your plans got ruined cause of the rain... could you please come by and help?  The more people we have, the more likely it is we'll get what we need accomplished in half a day!  I mean, we did build the entire ark in 3 days - and the storm right in the middle didn't slow us down... but it did provide a pretty rainbow! :o)  We can do this!

So come out and help us get Rachel's Playground ready for another year of safe fun!!  Please!?
If due to weather we need to reschedule, I will post it here so everyone knows.
If you have a wheel barrel and/or rake, can you bring it?

Thank you SO much!!

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